Monday, January 31, 2005

Day Fifteen- 1/31/05

Well- it’s the last day in January. It’s a beautiful sunny day outside. Why am I stuck in here? I wish I could be out on my bike right now. This is a good sign, by the way. Normally I’d just like to by lying around in the sunshine. I actually want to do something ACTIVE. Will wonders never cease!

I overslept this morning. So no exercise thus far- However, I am going to the gym after my mani/pedi this evening, and I am allllll excited. Hopefully, I can get them to do my toes first, so they’ll be dry by the time I have to put my tennies on

Breakfast- Hot Chocolate, 2 sl. Ezekiel bread (2 pts.), n.f. cream cheese, smoked salmon.
Lunch- Lentils with Apricots and whole wheat couscous, spinach salad, S.F. lime Jell-O.
Snack- Tangerine, cheese stick.
Dinner- WW pasta with tomato sauce and lean ground beef.

Precor Elliptical-
BellyDance Quickie-

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