Thursday, March 03, 2005

Random Seagull Reference

Kids, do not do this at home.

I had a horrible “sweet” craving that wouldn’t go away. So I (yes, this is so weird) poured a packet of Tangerine Emer’gen-C into a cup, added a minute amount of water, and (forgetting to wait) proceeded to chug it in one gulp. It is currently fizzing in my stomach. Ew. It reminds me of those stories about feeding Alka-Seltzer to seagulls to make them explode. Which is unlikely to occur, but I am getting paranoid.

Still, if my stomach exploded right now, they would probably let me leave work… Which would undeniably be a bonus.

Day Forty-Five

Throwing My Weight Around

So- the official Thursday AM home weigh-in was:

243 lbs., 48.8 % fat. According to my trusty Tanita scale.

Discouraging? Oh hell yes- especially when I know that the weigh-in at WW tonight will be an even higher number.

Yes, I can blame it at least partially on TOM (any minute now) not to mention the massive binge last weekend. However- this is a pound above what I weighed when I STARTED this whole thing!

After talking to my weight-loss buddy, I learned something that I didn’t know before- You can get a pass from the receptionist- so you can go to the meeting but not weigh in. You just have to ask, and you can only do it three times before you make goal. I think I am going to use the pass today, for the sake of my mental health.

So I am going to focus on my non-scale victories for the week- and there are actually a couple of them.

1. I went shopping with Bobbi last night, and we now both wear a smaller size in clothes. I went down one pants size, so I am back in 18’s, and am wearing 14/16’s or 1x in tops. Score!

Yes, I made some purchases- a pair of boot cut beige pants, a beautiful flowy pink silk top with “scarf” sleeves, a realllly cute black sundress with abstract red flowers and retro styling (the 50’s kind of retro, not 70’s, or 80’s- what do you take me for?) and a great black “wrap” style top for work, with an arc pattern of green and blue all over it. I am wearing the beige pants with the pink top today, and I feel like springtime. J

2. I drank all my water, two days in a row- and I am going for three today.

3. I realized that I have been estimating way too much food for what I need for the day, so I am learning to listen to my body and take my time, so I can figure out when I am full.

For example, I came home from work yesterday with my entire serving of chicken stew and ½ a pomelo. I ended up having the stew for dinner and the pomelo is back in my lunch for today.

So, I am at least getting somewhere. However, my body is definitely fighting to stay where it is. I think (hope, pray) that stepping up the exercise will be the answer.

Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Day Forty-Four

Throwing My Weight Around

OK, here are the aforementioned rules I am playing by:

1. No eating from 7:30 PM to 5:30 AM. Period.

2. I can keep doing Core, as long as I am losing weight. If I have a
week where I gain, it's back to Points I go.

3. No new shoes, purses, or accessories, unless the weight keeps going
down. No new clothes unless they're a smaller size.

4. Grocery shopping- once a week- do not let yourself run out of WW

5. Take your WW kit with you, everywhere

6. Go out to eat, or get take-out, only twice a week. Automatically
banish the bread basket! Get a dinner salad instead.

7. Every day: do sit-ups, do a bellydance quickie, wear pedometer, and
then for cardio- FIVE DAYS A WEEK- walk the dogs, do a tape, whatever.
The gym is optional, but you should go if you feel like it, preferably
twice per week.

8. Wake up at 5:00 AM- so you can pack a healthy lunch, and do your AM

9. Weigh in on Thursdays- once in the AM at home, and then at WW in the

10. Measurements & new progress picture- once a month.

This is all stuff I have compiled from the last month and a half- most of which I admit, I haven't been doing. Yet another wakeup call!

I did get a great tip from Bobbi last night. I was whining about how the pedometer made a weird bump at the waistline of my clothes, shifts arround, isn't giving me accurate counts unless I mess with it constantly, and she told me that she fastens the thing to the center of her bra, clip side out. So I am trying that today, and it is virtually undetectable! And not at all uncomfortable. Granted, if you're wearing your low-cut Versace gown or aren't quite so rampant in the basooma area as I am, you might want to think twice about this method.

By the way, I went to Red Robin last night, and got a BBQ chicken salad- I got them to sub balsamic vinaigrette for the usual ranch that comes with. I chose it because it had chicken and black beans, so I knew it would fill me up. Anyway, once I'd scraped off the two tons of fried onions they'd put on top, I dug in, and it was OK- except for the black beans. They were so salty, I couldn't really eat 'em. And I love me some salty food. So that kind of sucked. The chicken part was good, though.

Crap- I almost forgot to report a small victory for yesterday-

I drank all of my water. I am so proud of my little self! It’s been a big hurdle for me to overcome, and I have been especially lazy about it lately. But yesterday it seemed like it all went down without me really having to think about it.

I also resisted the invite to join my diet buddy for a “last supper”. I went to dinner, but ended up getting the aforementioned salad (see above) as an alternative to being naughty.


By the way- official exercise starts this weekend. I am officially getting back in my healthy mindset, which is a great place for me to be.

Daily Summary-

Breakfast: Oatmeal, banana, NFSF hot chocolate
Snack: Cottage cheese, ½ pomelo
Lunch: Spinach & 3 bean salad
Snack: Hard boiled egg
Dinner: Chicken stew, Low fat cheese & 4 sl. Canadian bacon
Dessert: Breyers S.F.L.F. Ice cream- 4 points

Water: 64 oz. (Yeehaaaa!)

Pedometer: 4563 steps, 1.7 mi., 317 cal. (I think)

Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Day Forty-Three

Once again, the weekend did me in.

Well, not just the weekend. I left work on Friday, royally pissed off. On top of that, I was PMS-ing like a fiend, and on top of that, I was starving hungry. Hello, recipe for disaster! But I had a manicure appointment that I was determined not to miss.

As soon as I got out, I saw the Trader Joe’s in the same shopping center, and thought, “Well, there are a couple of things that I am out of- hummus, wheat pitas….” So I went in. Needless to say, the voice of reason just decided to take a vacation. D’Oh!

I spent 40 bucks, and I am sure the guy who rang me up knew that I was going through some hormonal or mental crisis just by looking at the contents of my cart. Salty and sweet snacks (which are actually on the healthier side of the “bad for you” snack spectrum. I mean, these involved whole wheat and soy. But they’re still not Core. Then again, neither are chocolate peanut butter cups. Oops.) And of course, the aforementioned hummus and whole wheat pitas, which were the only healthy things I got. You do the math. :(

Anyway, all that stuff is gone now. I fed some to my friends, some to my hubby, and I am officially re-re-re-re-starting. Again.

And I have a new rule: No eating after 7:30 PM. If it works for Oprah, it will work for me.

OK, I need to make up a post with all my random rules. I can’t just keep adding stuff in this slipshod manner.