Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Day Forty-Four

Throwing My Weight Around

OK, here are the aforementioned rules I am playing by:

1. No eating from 7:30 PM to 5:30 AM. Period.

2. I can keep doing Core, as long as I am losing weight. If I have a
week where I gain, it's back to Points I go.

3. No new shoes, purses, or accessories, unless the weight keeps going
down. No new clothes unless they're a smaller size.

4. Grocery shopping- once a week- do not let yourself run out of WW

5. Take your WW kit with you, everywhere

6. Go out to eat, or get take-out, only twice a week. Automatically
banish the bread basket! Get a dinner salad instead.

7. Every day: do sit-ups, do a bellydance quickie, wear pedometer, and
then for cardio- FIVE DAYS A WEEK- walk the dogs, do a tape, whatever.
The gym is optional, but you should go if you feel like it, preferably
twice per week.

8. Wake up at 5:00 AM- so you can pack a healthy lunch, and do your AM

9. Weigh in on Thursdays- once in the AM at home, and then at WW in the

10. Measurements & new progress picture- once a month.

This is all stuff I have compiled from the last month and a half- most of which I admit, I haven't been doing. Yet another wakeup call!

I did get a great tip from Bobbi last night. I was whining about how the pedometer made a weird bump at the waistline of my clothes, shifts arround, isn't giving me accurate counts unless I mess with it constantly, and she told me that she fastens the thing to the center of her bra, clip side out. So I am trying that today, and it is virtually undetectable! And not at all uncomfortable. Granted, if you're wearing your low-cut Versace gown or aren't quite so rampant in the basooma area as I am, you might want to think twice about this method.

By the way, I went to Red Robin last night, and got a BBQ chicken salad- I got them to sub balsamic vinaigrette for the usual ranch that comes with. I chose it because it had chicken and black beans, so I knew it would fill me up. Anyway, once I'd scraped off the two tons of fried onions they'd put on top, I dug in, and it was OK- except for the black beans. They were so salty, I couldn't really eat 'em. And I love me some salty food. So that kind of sucked. The chicken part was good, though.

Crap- I almost forgot to report a small victory for yesterday-

I drank all of my water. I am so proud of my little self! It’s been a big hurdle for me to overcome, and I have been especially lazy about it lately. But yesterday it seemed like it all went down without me really having to think about it.

I also resisted the invite to join my diet buddy for a “last supper”. I went to dinner, but ended up getting the aforementioned salad (see above) as an alternative to being naughty.


By the way- official exercise starts this weekend. I am officially getting back in my healthy mindset, which is a great place for me to be.

Daily Summary-

Breakfast: Oatmeal, banana, NFSF hot chocolate
Snack: Cottage cheese, ½ pomelo
Lunch: Spinach & 3 bean salad
Snack: Hard boiled egg
Dinner: Chicken stew, Low fat cheese & 4 sl. Canadian bacon
Dessert: Breyers S.F.L.F. Ice cream- 4 points

Water: 64 oz. (Yeehaaaa!)

Pedometer: 4563 steps, 1.7 mi., 317 cal. (I think)

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