Monday, September 24, 2007

Things I love, 1-10

1. Baby penguins. Even when they make me cry. I think they are the cutest animal babies ever. (And yes, that is a bold statement, but I am prepared to back it up.

2. Knitting- relaxing, engaging, incredibly frustrating, but also incredibly rewarding.

3. Kids books. I have the whole Anne Of Green Gables set, Chonicles of Narnia, all the Louisa May Alcott stuff, and of course, Harry Potter.

4. Freezer confections- Most specifically, orange popsicles and Drumsticks.

5. Felt tip markers and the 64 pack of Crayolas. I just like to have them.

6. My wedding ring- a vintage design, from the fifties.

7. The front courtyard, which we made ourselves- when it’s done, it will be my fave place to hang out.

8. Fresh fruit- especially strawberries and pineapple.

9. Bearded iris- Especially the ones that smell heavenly.

10. Halloween. Not because of the candy, because I get to dress up!