Monday, January 31, 2005

Day Fifteen- 1/31/05

Well- it’s the last day in January. It’s a beautiful sunny day outside. Why am I stuck in here? I wish I could be out on my bike right now. This is a good sign, by the way. Normally I’d just like to by lying around in the sunshine. I actually want to do something ACTIVE. Will wonders never cease!

I overslept this morning. So no exercise thus far- However, I am going to the gym after my mani/pedi this evening, and I am allllll excited. Hopefully, I can get them to do my toes first, so they’ll be dry by the time I have to put my tennies on

Breakfast- Hot Chocolate, 2 sl. Ezekiel bread (2 pts.), n.f. cream cheese, smoked salmon.
Lunch- Lentils with Apricots and whole wheat couscous, spinach salad, S.F. lime Jell-O.
Snack- Tangerine, cheese stick.
Dinner- WW pasta with tomato sauce and lean ground beef.

Precor Elliptical-
BellyDance Quickie-

Days 13 & 14 (Weekend) 1/29-1/30/05

Throwing My Weight Around

I hit the wall.

I have been pretty wretched this weekend. I ate cheesecake. Didn’t touch my scale. Forgot all about the pedometer. Screw sit-ups! Say no more. However, the cheesecake’s the worst thing I did. And that’s the truth, officer!

So, we’re ready to start a new week. As a gesture of good faith towards the exercising, I FINALLY did the Balance Ball video tonight. It was- well, it was a workout! It was different, but fun. I’d like a tape that’s a little more cohesive if I am going to use this on a regular basis, though, and I think I need a larger Balance Ball. My knees aren’t level with my hips when I sit on the one I have, and there’s only so much air I can pump into that sucker.

Also, my Carmen Electra DVD’s arrived tonight. I screened the intro one, and I think I am going to have a lot of fun with this set. I also went with WLB (aka. Bobbi) and invested in a bunch of cool exercise clothing. I have absolutely no excuses. Not that I had any before, but somehow, fun new clothing seems to add a sense of purpose to my exercise routine.

However, I am changing up my vow. My body is just not ready for hardcore exercise, and there have been some issues with getting to the gym. Exercise is the most important thing right now, and building the habit, and I am letting freaking out about going to the gym sabotage me. I am going to make it a point every day to do my sit-ups, do a bellydance quickie, wear my pedometer, and then for exercise- walk the dogs, do a tape, whatever. The gym is optional until I am ready to begin weight training. It’ll be a bonus if I go (which I am planning on doing today) but if I don’t, oh well, As long as I get exercise in, I am cool.

I also decided to just weigh in on Thursdays- once in the AM at home, and then at WW in the evening. That’ll give me a better idea of the differential between the WW scale and home.

Added incentive- Bobbi and I are talking about doing a cruise in May. I hope Alan will want to go- he got along so great with Bobbi’s husband. I think we would all have a lot of fun together.

Weekend Summary:

Menu- Ick.
Exercise- Shopping, Balance Ball workout, cleaning house.

Friday, January 28, 2005

Day Twelve- 1/28/05

CRAP! Ok, so I haven’t exercised all week, basically. And tonight, we are going out to dinner. I have to go to the gym tomorrow. There’s just no getting around it! Not only that, but my pedometer has fallen by the wayside- DH was good enough to bring it to work for me the other day, and at the end of the day, it only registered 98 steps. Evidently, the waistband of the pants I was wearing freaks it out somehow.

I did go to WW last night, and according to their scale, I lost 1.8 lbs. last week. I seriously need to get movin’ if I want to meet my goal! However, any weight loss is good weight loss. It is now a new week, and I am going to get back on my bandwagon. I have an additional incentive- we may be going on a cruise with my weight-loss buddy and her husband in May. (Yeeehaa!) So if I want to wear cute little outfits, I really need to get the lead out.


Breakfast- 2 sl. Ezekiel Bread (2 pts), n.f. cream cheese, smoked salmon, banana
Snack- HB egg, cheese stick, tangerine
Lunch- Thai Garlic chicken, jasmine rice (3 pts.), veggies
Snack- cottage cheese, SF Jell-O
Dinner- steak, baked potato, salad w/ vinaigrette.



Day Eleven- 1/27/05

Throwing My Weight Around

WW is today....that's about all I have to say.

Breakfast- Oatmeal w/ Splenda & Smart Balance, banana
Snack- Hard-boiled eggs, cheese stick
Lunch- Cobb Salad w/ vinaigrette, diet Coke.
Snack- Tangerine, cheese stick
Dinner- Chicken, fruit, green salad w/ vinaigrette

Exercise- “Exercise? What’s that?”

Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Day Ten- 1/26/05

Throwing My Weight Around
Well, crap. It’s True Confessions time.

First of all, I finally did go to the grocery store last night. At 10:00PM. But the point is, I got there! So I now have oatmeal and spinach for my salad and fruity goodness and non-fat cottage cheese and eggs. However-

I didn’t exercise yesterday. Not one speck. I didn’t even do my sit-ups. I totally ran out of time, I was still putting together my lunch stuff at midnight last night, and then I collapsed into bed, exhausted.

I did wear my pedometer, however. But that was it. And then today, I woke up late, and FORGOT to put on the pedometer back on when I left for work. Luckily, my DH needed my car keys, so he came to my work to get them. So I asked him to bring the little gadget with him. But I lost a few hundred steps in the morning. And I also didn’t have time to grab my gym bag, so I am going to have to go home and change into my gym clothes. Rowr!

Ok, so tonight-

I am going to the gym. And I am doing my sit-ups, a bellydance quickie, and my balance ball workout as penance for being a slack-ass for the last two days. Stop the Insanity!

I am also going to be an angel with my menu today. I shouldn’t be using up my points on crap like I have been. Also, tomorrow is the moment of truth- WW Weigh-in Day. I’ve got to find a light outfit; I need all the help I can get with Mr. Scale.

Day 10 Summary

Menu Today-
Breakfast- Rough oatmeal with ICBINB spray and splenda
Snack- Banana
Lunch- Chicken Stew (yes, again), cheese stick, spinach salad, HB egg.
Snack- SF Jello & cottage cheese?

Exercise- Gym Day!
Balance Ball Workout-
Sit-Ups- 100
Bellydance Quickie-

Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Day Nine- 1/25/05

Throwing My Weight Around
Well- I am still slacking today. But I should be able to get everything done this evening, and I am trying not to completely fall off the WW wagon. I know part of this attitude is because I am not losing as fast as I want to, and I just need to get over that pronto. I HAVE to get to the grocery store and load up on core-friendly stuff. Must. Go. TONIGHT.

Day 9 Summary

Breakfast- 2 sl. Ezekiel bread with NF cheese (2 pts)
Snack- ½ apple
Lunch- Chicken barley stew, carrots, cottage cheese
Snack- grapes
Dinner- Grilled Salmon, Green Salad w/ vinaigrette, strawberries, bread (3 pts.)

Pedometer-4488 St., 1.7 mi., 312 cal.

Monday, January 24, 2005

Day Eight- 1/24/05

Throwing My Weight Around
Well, I weighed in this morning-

Same thing as Friday- down 1.2 lbs, 2% body fat. So- well, I am getting somewhere, although I am not really losing as fast as I would like. This week, I am going to focus on eating within my points, and drinking my water (which is something that I have been bad about.) I am also going to do my grocery shopping, which- well, lack of produce (with the exception of grapes) is downright killing me.

I got my first “Cooking Light” issue yesterday- the subscription was a birthday gift from my sister. I haven’t gotten a chance to look at it yet.

Argh- OK, I went to the gym. I did Precor for 15 minutes, and my calves were cramping so bad, I had to stop. Lesson learned- never do Precor 2 days in a row. Better to break it up. Then of course, I went home planning to get some DVD's in- and I didn't. My legs were achy, I was cranky, and I just went home and went to sleep. D'oh!

Breakfast- Chicken Breast, cheese stick
Snack- Grapes
Lunch- Chicken Stew, cottage cheese, jell-o
Snack- 1/2 apple, cheese stick
Dinner- Apple chicken sausage (I need to get rid of this crap!)
Snack- nf cream cheese, smoked salmon, 2 sl. ezekiel bread (2 pts.)

Exercise- Gym Day!
100 Sit-ups
Bellydance Quickies DVD- 10 min., Flexibility Training
Precor- 15 min. (ew)
Pedometer- 7983 steps,

Sunday, January 23, 2005

Days 6 & 7 (Weekend)- 1/22-1/23/05

Throwing My Weight Around
Ok- Saturday is a crazy-busy day in the land of me. So I think I am going to make just one weekend post, every week.

Essentially, I was running around like crazy yesterday. I finally got my hair trimmed and styled, and I went out to lunch with my buddy Angela, and did a whole bunch of shopping at Ross and some craft stores- found more workout DVD’s, cute shoes and purses- and one emergency pair of dark rinse jeans, a workout outfit (pants & hoodie) that is knit, so can be dressed up or down to go with other things, and a striped black and pink sweater. I am trying not to buy more clothes though, simply because I am hoping they won’t fit in a few weeks! But in the meantime, I can feel slightly stylish without buying more clothes. If I just update the accessories, I can make the other stuff I have work for me.

Of course, when I made it home, I was exhausted. I was going to do my makeup day at the gym, but it closes early on the weekend. I ended up cranking out the sit-ups, then just relaxed and watched a movie and started a new knitting project. I actually think I need that kind of break to stay focused, because all I wanted to do today was work out. I was seriously rarin’ to go.

So, this is going to be written into law- There will be one day of relaxation a week, where I don’t have to worry about exercising. Especially since it will probably be my Saturday errand day.

Day 6 Summary:

Breakfast- Scrambled eggs w/ salsa & apple chicken sausage.
Lunch- Thai Chicken with Spinach & sticky rice (7 pts.)
Snack- Orange
Dinner- Chicken Veggie Barley stew, 2 sl. Ezekiel bread (2 pts)
Snack- Pita Chips (I know, I know…3 pts.)

100 Sit-Ups
Pedometer: 3900 steps, 1.47 mi., 271 cal.

Day 7 Summary:

Breakfast- Chicken stew w/ 2 sl. Ezekiel bread (2 pts.)
Snack- Cottage cheese
Exercise- Gym Day!
100 Sit-ups
Bellydance Quickies- 10 min., Waist Definition
Precor Elliptical- 35 min, 492 cal, 2.79 mi.
Pedometer- 9007 St.

Summary for the Week- 1/17/05- 1/23/05

Diet: 14 points (out of 38 allowable- but not accounting for activity points)

Sit-ups- 700
Precor- 110 min, 1469 cal, 8.5 mi
Exercise DVD’s- 110 min.
Pedometer- 29,019 St, 10.96 mi, 2007 cal.

Weight- lost 1.2 lbs.
Body fat- lost 2%

Well, I am going to update this when I weigh in tomorrow, but I think I am doing OK!

Friday, January 21, 2005

Here it is- the Before picture.  Posted by Hello

Day Five- 1/21/05

New stats:
Weight: 240.8 (WW- 245.2), 47.5 % body fat.

Good news: lost 1.2 lbs so far this week, and about 2.5% body fat! Muuahahaha….my evil plan is working! This is of course, attributed to my scale at home (and not the demon WW scale.) I can surmise from this that the WW scale, with clothing on, and lunch in my tummy, adds about 4.5 lbs. Oy vey!

Bad news: Argh. Woke up with a migraine! However, a few hours after I have taken my meds, I am beginning to feel better.

Moment of truth- ok, I took my measurements. I plan to look at these every two weeks- or if there is no weight loss for that week. I will also post a picture to visually track progress every two weeks. I got DH to take mine this evening, so there it is up above. Anyway:


Waist: 43 in.
Hips: 51 in.
Bust: 48 in.
Upper Arm: 16 in.
Wrist: 7 in.
Thigh: 28.5 in.
Calf: 17 in.

Ok, it causes me psychic damage just to look at those. Not to mention that picture. Oh well, I am doing something about it. Right?

Day 5 Summary

Menu Today-

Breakfast: Steel Cut Oats
Snack: Chicken sausage (2)
Lunch: Veggie Barley Soup with Chicken
Snack: 94% FF Popcorn
Dinner: Oh yeah- I'm supposed to eat! We ended up going to Chili's. Had a Carribbean salad, which was pretty yummy. I give it 4 pts- it was mostly Core except for the dressing and a few tortilla strips.

Exercise Today- Gym Day has been officially moved to tomorrow...
100 Sit-ups
Running errands
Pedometer: 3332 steps,1.26 mi., 231.6 calories burned
30 Minute Jazz/Bellydance Fusion DVD
10 Min. Bellydance Quickie- Legs

Thursday, January 20, 2005

Day Four- 1/20/05

Baby, it’s cold outside. It’s also the day that I go back to Weight Watchers and meet up with my diet buddy. Shazam!

Well, tonight I am going to go weigh in, and I am going to take my measurements and ask my DH to help me take a “before” picture.

9:30 PM:
Well, the WW weigh in was- interesting! I have gone up 3 lbs since my last weigh in at home- so I was 245.2 lbs. Considering it was the end of the day and uh, I had clothing on, I am not going to stress much about it., and I am probably going to keep track of my home weighins as my true weight- WW will be in brackets.

I did have a great dinner with my diet buddy- we are actually right at the same weight. And we want to lose the same amount. And we have so much in common, that it is positively eerie. I feel like I've known her for 10 years or something!

I was totally exhausted when I got home- I had been loading and unloading boxes all day. Lots of bending, but evidently not many steps, of course, I think my pedometer was "disabled" for a good part of the day, because once I re-positioned it, the steps really started adding up. Oh well- I am still disappointed with my exercise for the day. I'll have to try and make up for that tonmorrow.

Day 4 Summary

Menu Today-

Breakfast: Steel Cut Oats, NFSF Hot Chocolate
Snack: Cottage cheese and grapes
Lunch: Roast with potato & carrots, Jell-O, spinach salad
Snack: Popcorn (94% fat free)
Dinner: Went to the Elephant Bar- Lettuce wraps, which were all Core, except for the cashews. I give the cashews 4 pts.
Dessert: Tapioca pudding- 7 pts.

Exercise Today-

100 Sit-ups
At work- loading & unloading boxes for most of the day
Pedometer: 4634 steps, 1.75 miles, 322.2 cal.

Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Day Three- 1/19/05

Throwing My Weight Around

Wow- my schedule is getting thrown off. I was exhausted yesterday. The reason I ate cookies for dinner is because I literally landed face-down on my bed at 7:30 PM. Dinner was utterly forgotten.

I feel good today, though. I got up early and did my “10 Minute Bellydance Quickies” tape, which was an arm and back workout. I also did my 100 sit-ups, and I think it was a little easier today. I am afraid, however, that I will be too rushed to make it to the gym tonight, because of knitting Meetup. My bag is packed and ready, though, so I am going to try. As long as I hurry, I should be able to do 30 minutes on the elliptical and get cleaned up and ready in time.

I am “generally sore” all over. The arms and legs aren’t bad, but I have really been punishing my abs, both upper and lower, and I’m feeling it today. Yeeowtch! Although, as I am sitting here, I am still trying to “get” the belly dancing move where you contract your stomach to make it undulate like a wave. I think part of my mental block about it is that I am so used to sucking my stomach in. Anyway, I am getting pretty compulsive about it and should probably stop.

Argh- I have yet to go to the grocery store, and I am running perilously low on produce. I desperately need to do that tonight as well, which means a late-night trip to Vons. Unless I send hubby, with a list (which may not be a bad idea- although he tends to bring home junk food.) Tomorrow- dinner with diet buddy and my re-start WW meeting!

Argh- the gym was crazy- busy, and all the elliptical machines were taken when I got there, so I tried something new. Needless to say, it damn near killed me! But at least I stuck it out for 15 minutes. I’d like to work it into my routine more as I become more fit. And, I DID go to the gym- I even had time to run home and eat a quick dinner with my hubby.

I also ordered Carmen Electra’s Cardio striptease DVD’s online- the whole set. Wahoo!

Day 3 Summary:

Breakfast- Steel cut oats, NFSF hot cocoa
Snack- grapes, cottage cheese
Lunch- lean pork roast with potatoes & carrots, SF Jell-O
Snack- Cheese stick, carrots
Snack- ½ bag 94% microwave popcorn
Dinner- Grilled chicken breast & spinach salad, NFSF Hazelnut Latte (tall)
Snack- smoked salmon, spinach pitas (7 points- up too late- on my feet since 4 AM- I was starving.)

Exercise- Gym Day!

Evil C.C. Skiing Machine: 15 Minutes, 150 Cal. 1 mi. (est.)
Precor Elliptical: 25 Minutes, 1.96 mi., 342 Cal.
100 sit-ups
Pedometer: 9819 Steps, 3.7mi.,682.7 cal.
10 Minute Bellydance Quickies DVD- Arms & Back.

Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Day Two- 1/18/05

Throwing My Weight Around
Ok, I am in pain. Not really from the Elliptical, but those sit-ups! Of course, that just means that I need to be doing them.

I also made an exercise and diet pact with a new buddy at work- we are going to WW together (yea!) and out to dinner on Thursday. So I am all excited. I knew meeting her was destined to be (more on this later).

We are also going to exchange belly dance exercise DVD's. Speaking of which, I have bought a ton of "dance" related exercise DVD's and videos in the last week. I tried the Cardio Salsa one, and while it's still beyond my fitness level, it was a lot of fun. I also love the Bellydance Quickie workouts- they are designed to work out a different area every day.

Menu Today-

Breakfast: Steel Cut Oats
Snack: Cottage cheese and grapes
Lunch: Spinach Salad, split pea soup, SF Strawberry Jell-O
Snack: Carrots
Dinner: Cookies, 8 points. Crap. Oh well, that got rid of those damn things.

Exercise Today-

100 sit-ups (easier today)
Crunch Cardio Salsa DVD, 30 minutes (I could only do about 3/4 of it)
Belly Dance Quickies, 10 Minutes (Abs)
Pedometer- 7332 Steps, 2.78 mi, 509.9 cal.

Monday, January 17, 2005

Day One- 1/17/05

Monday Weigh-In- 242 lbs. 49.5% Body fat

Ouch. There it is, in black and white. Ok- I have to do this. I can no longer deny that none of my cute clothing fits anymore.

So the first question is- how?

I think I am going to follow the WW Core plan- I am thinking about signing back up.

So the plan is:

Follow WW Core plan
Some form of exercise every day
Wear Pedometer every day
Gym 3 days a week- Monday, Wednesday, Friday. If I miss it, I have to go on the weekend- and I still have to post exercise for the day I missed. like do an aerobics tape instead.


Lose 12 lbs. by 3/1/05.

Lose 42 lbs. by 7/27/05.

Lose 62 lbs by 12/31/05.

Lose 80-82 lbs by 5/01/06.

Menu Today-

Breakfast: Steel Cut Oats
Snack: Cottage cheese and grapes
Lunch: Spinach Salad, split pea soup, SF Strawberry Jell-O
Snack: Carrots, Tangerine
Dinner: pot roast w/ carrots, green peas, one potato
Dessert: Cookies, 4 points

Exercise Today- Gym Day!

100 sit-ups (ow ow ow)
Precor Elliptical, 30 Min, 2.76 mi., 485 Cal.