Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Day Three- 1/19/05

Throwing My Weight Around

Wow- my schedule is getting thrown off. I was exhausted yesterday. The reason I ate cookies for dinner is because I literally landed face-down on my bed at 7:30 PM. Dinner was utterly forgotten.

I feel good today, though. I got up early and did my “10 Minute Bellydance Quickies” tape, which was an arm and back workout. I also did my 100 sit-ups, and I think it was a little easier today. I am afraid, however, that I will be too rushed to make it to the gym tonight, because of knitting Meetup. My bag is packed and ready, though, so I am going to try. As long as I hurry, I should be able to do 30 minutes on the elliptical and get cleaned up and ready in time.

I am “generally sore” all over. The arms and legs aren’t bad, but I have really been punishing my abs, both upper and lower, and I’m feeling it today. Yeeowtch! Although, as I am sitting here, I am still trying to “get” the belly dancing move where you contract your stomach to make it undulate like a wave. I think part of my mental block about it is that I am so used to sucking my stomach in. Anyway, I am getting pretty compulsive about it and should probably stop.

Argh- I have yet to go to the grocery store, and I am running perilously low on produce. I desperately need to do that tonight as well, which means a late-night trip to Vons. Unless I send hubby, with a list (which may not be a bad idea- although he tends to bring home junk food.) Tomorrow- dinner with diet buddy and my re-start WW meeting!

Argh- the gym was crazy- busy, and all the elliptical machines were taken when I got there, so I tried something new. Needless to say, it damn near killed me! But at least I stuck it out for 15 minutes. I’d like to work it into my routine more as I become more fit. And, I DID go to the gym- I even had time to run home and eat a quick dinner with my hubby.

I also ordered Carmen Electra’s Cardio striptease DVD’s online- the whole set. Wahoo!

Day 3 Summary:

Breakfast- Steel cut oats, NFSF hot cocoa
Snack- grapes, cottage cheese
Lunch- lean pork roast with potatoes & carrots, SF Jell-O
Snack- Cheese stick, carrots
Snack- ½ bag 94% microwave popcorn
Dinner- Grilled chicken breast & spinach salad, NFSF Hazelnut Latte (tall)
Snack- smoked salmon, spinach pitas (7 points- up too late- on my feet since 4 AM- I was starving.)

Exercise- Gym Day!

Evil C.C. Skiing Machine: 15 Minutes, 150 Cal. 1 mi. (est.)
Precor Elliptical: 25 Minutes, 1.96 mi., 342 Cal.
100 sit-ups
Pedometer: 9819 Steps, 3.7mi.,682.7 cal.
10 Minute Bellydance Quickies DVD- Arms & Back.

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