Monday, January 31, 2005

Days 13 & 14 (Weekend) 1/29-1/30/05

Throwing My Weight Around

I hit the wall.

I have been pretty wretched this weekend. I ate cheesecake. Didn’t touch my scale. Forgot all about the pedometer. Screw sit-ups! Say no more. However, the cheesecake’s the worst thing I did. And that’s the truth, officer!

So, we’re ready to start a new week. As a gesture of good faith towards the exercising, I FINALLY did the Balance Ball video tonight. It was- well, it was a workout! It was different, but fun. I’d like a tape that’s a little more cohesive if I am going to use this on a regular basis, though, and I think I need a larger Balance Ball. My knees aren’t level with my hips when I sit on the one I have, and there’s only so much air I can pump into that sucker.

Also, my Carmen Electra DVD’s arrived tonight. I screened the intro one, and I think I am going to have a lot of fun with this set. I also went with WLB (aka. Bobbi) and invested in a bunch of cool exercise clothing. I have absolutely no excuses. Not that I had any before, but somehow, fun new clothing seems to add a sense of purpose to my exercise routine.

However, I am changing up my vow. My body is just not ready for hardcore exercise, and there have been some issues with getting to the gym. Exercise is the most important thing right now, and building the habit, and I am letting freaking out about going to the gym sabotage me. I am going to make it a point every day to do my sit-ups, do a bellydance quickie, wear my pedometer, and then for exercise- walk the dogs, do a tape, whatever. The gym is optional until I am ready to begin weight training. It’ll be a bonus if I go (which I am planning on doing today) but if I don’t, oh well, As long as I get exercise in, I am cool.

I also decided to just weigh in on Thursdays- once in the AM at home, and then at WW in the evening. That’ll give me a better idea of the differential between the WW scale and home.

Added incentive- Bobbi and I are talking about doing a cruise in May. I hope Alan will want to go- he got along so great with Bobbi’s husband. I think we would all have a lot of fun together.

Weekend Summary:

Menu- Ick.
Exercise- Shopping, Balance Ball workout, cleaning house.

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