Monday, January 17, 2005

Day One- 1/17/05

Monday Weigh-In- 242 lbs. 49.5% Body fat

Ouch. There it is, in black and white. Ok- I have to do this. I can no longer deny that none of my cute clothing fits anymore.

So the first question is- how?

I think I am going to follow the WW Core plan- I am thinking about signing back up.

So the plan is:

Follow WW Core plan
Some form of exercise every day
Wear Pedometer every day
Gym 3 days a week- Monday, Wednesday, Friday. If I miss it, I have to go on the weekend- and I still have to post exercise for the day I missed. like do an aerobics tape instead.


Lose 12 lbs. by 3/1/05.

Lose 42 lbs. by 7/27/05.

Lose 62 lbs by 12/31/05.

Lose 80-82 lbs by 5/01/06.

Menu Today-

Breakfast: Steel Cut Oats
Snack: Cottage cheese and grapes
Lunch: Spinach Salad, split pea soup, SF Strawberry Jell-O
Snack: Carrots, Tangerine
Dinner: pot roast w/ carrots, green peas, one potato
Dessert: Cookies, 4 points

Exercise Today- Gym Day!

100 sit-ups (ow ow ow)
Precor Elliptical, 30 Min, 2.76 mi., 485 Cal.

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