Friday, January 21, 2005

Day Five- 1/21/05

New stats:
Weight: 240.8 (WW- 245.2), 47.5 % body fat.

Good news: lost 1.2 lbs so far this week, and about 2.5% body fat! Muuahahaha….my evil plan is working! This is of course, attributed to my scale at home (and not the demon WW scale.) I can surmise from this that the WW scale, with clothing on, and lunch in my tummy, adds about 4.5 lbs. Oy vey!

Bad news: Argh. Woke up with a migraine! However, a few hours after I have taken my meds, I am beginning to feel better.

Moment of truth- ok, I took my measurements. I plan to look at these every two weeks- or if there is no weight loss for that week. I will also post a picture to visually track progress every two weeks. I got DH to take mine this evening, so there it is up above. Anyway:


Waist: 43 in.
Hips: 51 in.
Bust: 48 in.
Upper Arm: 16 in.
Wrist: 7 in.
Thigh: 28.5 in.
Calf: 17 in.

Ok, it causes me psychic damage just to look at those. Not to mention that picture. Oh well, I am doing something about it. Right?

Day 5 Summary

Menu Today-

Breakfast: Steel Cut Oats
Snack: Chicken sausage (2)
Lunch: Veggie Barley Soup with Chicken
Snack: 94% FF Popcorn
Dinner: Oh yeah- I'm supposed to eat! We ended up going to Chili's. Had a Carribbean salad, which was pretty yummy. I give it 4 pts- it was mostly Core except for the dressing and a few tortilla strips.

Exercise Today- Gym Day has been officially moved to tomorrow...
100 Sit-ups
Running errands
Pedometer: 3332 steps,1.26 mi., 231.6 calories burned
30 Minute Jazz/Bellydance Fusion DVD
10 Min. Bellydance Quickie- Legs

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