Thursday, December 13, 2007

Cleaning the house

Guess what? It sucks. But at least I will have clean underwear. And hopefully, whatever died in the fridge was hiding in the bag of squishy apricots.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Mixed Media

Secret Squirrel and I went out to catch up with each other last night. She arrived home from a two-week trip to Italy, then her mom was having health probs, and then she needed to be out of town for work, and it adds up to us not hanging out in almost a month.

We went to P.F. Changs, then over to Borders to use their goddamned impossibly good coupons. 3 CD's for $10.45 each? We'll take 30.

As a public service announcement, Squirrel would like to tell the world that while Italy is great, Venice was the best part. Ahem.

So we are in Borders, digesting our Chinese food, and makng an attempt to find CD's that meet the criteria on the coupon (no double discs, nothing UNDER the sale price, etc.) and just talking about our respective days.

Me: I got bawled out by a customer today.

S: Seriously?

Me: She kept repeating that I wasn't "listening to what she was axeing."

S: Lovely.

Me: It was an experience.

S: Were you not listening?

Me: I listen just fine...I think it may have been her communicating that was a little off. She kept repeating, "So you just have 14's, right?" And she was waving a jacket at me, and I said that we did have 14's, and they were throughout the store, and the jacket she was looking at was on sale, and there were no more in the back, so if there wasn't a 14 there, we didn't have any more. Then she blew up at me that I wasn't listening to what she was axeing.

S: Great. I remember there was a kid who went to catholic school with me, and he said axe instead of ask. One of the nuns would just grill him in front of everyone every time he did it.

Me: Poor kid.

S: I know. She was really mean.... she was like a demon. A Demon Nun.

Me: Hehehe...Demon NUN? That has a nice ring to it. That's going to be the name of our chick band. The Demon Nuns.

S: It sounds like a play on "demon rum"

Me: I was actually thinking of "Sweeney Todd: The Demon Nun Of Fleet Street".

S: I totally want to see that movie.

Me: How did I get from "axeing" to Sweeney Todd? How non-linear is THAT?

S: It's not much a a jump actually, if you think about it.