Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Day Nine- 1/25/05

Throwing My Weight Around
Well- I am still slacking today. But I should be able to get everything done this evening, and I am trying not to completely fall off the WW wagon. I know part of this attitude is because I am not losing as fast as I want to, and I just need to get over that pronto. I HAVE to get to the grocery store and load up on core-friendly stuff. Must. Go. TONIGHT.

Day 9 Summary

Breakfast- 2 sl. Ezekiel bread with NF cheese (2 pts)
Snack- ½ apple
Lunch- Chicken barley stew, carrots, cottage cheese
Snack- grapes
Dinner- Grilled Salmon, Green Salad w/ vinaigrette, strawberries, bread (3 pts.)

Pedometer-4488 St., 1.7 mi., 312 cal.

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