Sunday, January 23, 2005

Days 6 & 7 (Weekend)- 1/22-1/23/05

Throwing My Weight Around
Ok- Saturday is a crazy-busy day in the land of me. So I think I am going to make just one weekend post, every week.

Essentially, I was running around like crazy yesterday. I finally got my hair trimmed and styled, and I went out to lunch with my buddy Angela, and did a whole bunch of shopping at Ross and some craft stores- found more workout DVD’s, cute shoes and purses- and one emergency pair of dark rinse jeans, a workout outfit (pants & hoodie) that is knit, so can be dressed up or down to go with other things, and a striped black and pink sweater. I am trying not to buy more clothes though, simply because I am hoping they won’t fit in a few weeks! But in the meantime, I can feel slightly stylish without buying more clothes. If I just update the accessories, I can make the other stuff I have work for me.

Of course, when I made it home, I was exhausted. I was going to do my makeup day at the gym, but it closes early on the weekend. I ended up cranking out the sit-ups, then just relaxed and watched a movie and started a new knitting project. I actually think I need that kind of break to stay focused, because all I wanted to do today was work out. I was seriously rarin’ to go.

So, this is going to be written into law- There will be one day of relaxation a week, where I don’t have to worry about exercising. Especially since it will probably be my Saturday errand day.

Day 6 Summary:

Breakfast- Scrambled eggs w/ salsa & apple chicken sausage.
Lunch- Thai Chicken with Spinach & sticky rice (7 pts.)
Snack- Orange
Dinner- Chicken Veggie Barley stew, 2 sl. Ezekiel bread (2 pts)
Snack- Pita Chips (I know, I know…3 pts.)

100 Sit-Ups
Pedometer: 3900 steps, 1.47 mi., 271 cal.

Day 7 Summary:

Breakfast- Chicken stew w/ 2 sl. Ezekiel bread (2 pts.)
Snack- Cottage cheese
Exercise- Gym Day!
100 Sit-ups
Bellydance Quickies- 10 min., Waist Definition
Precor Elliptical- 35 min, 492 cal, 2.79 mi.
Pedometer- 9007 St.

Summary for the Week- 1/17/05- 1/23/05

Diet: 14 points (out of 38 allowable- but not accounting for activity points)

Sit-ups- 700
Precor- 110 min, 1469 cal, 8.5 mi
Exercise DVD’s- 110 min.
Pedometer- 29,019 St, 10.96 mi, 2007 cal.

Weight- lost 1.2 lbs.
Body fat- lost 2%

Well, I am going to update this when I weigh in tomorrow, but I think I am doing OK!

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