Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Day Forty-Three

Once again, the weekend did me in.

Well, not just the weekend. I left work on Friday, royally pissed off. On top of that, I was PMS-ing like a fiend, and on top of that, I was starving hungry. Hello, recipe for disaster! But I had a manicure appointment that I was determined not to miss.

As soon as I got out, I saw the Trader Joe’s in the same shopping center, and thought, “Well, there are a couple of things that I am out of- hummus, wheat pitas….” So I went in. Needless to say, the voice of reason just decided to take a vacation. D’Oh!

I spent 40 bucks, and I am sure the guy who rang me up knew that I was going through some hormonal or mental crisis just by looking at the contents of my cart. Salty and sweet snacks (which are actually on the healthier side of the “bad for you” snack spectrum. I mean, these involved whole wheat and soy. But they’re still not Core. Then again, neither are chocolate peanut butter cups. Oops.) And of course, the aforementioned hummus and whole wheat pitas, which were the only healthy things I got. You do the math. :(

Anyway, all that stuff is gone now. I fed some to my friends, some to my hubby, and I am officially re-re-re-re-starting. Again.

And I have a new rule: No eating after 7:30 PM. If it works for Oprah, it will work for me.

OK, I need to make up a post with all my random rules. I can’t just keep adding stuff in this slipshod manner.

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