Friday, February 25, 2005

Day Thirty-Nine

Throwing My Weight Around

Hooray! It’s FRIDAY!!!

I am actually excited about my weigh-in yesterday. Down 1.4. Yes, I wish it was coming off faster, and yes, I wish I had lost more. But the reality check is- I haven’t been exercising. I have been horrible about following Core and eating within my points. My “week 3” booklet was, in fact, still wedged in my membership book, which I hadn’t even opened. I have not been counting anything, writing anything down, measuring anything, reading anything…you name it. If you’re supposed to do it, I didn’t. Until last night.

What a rude awakening that was! I measured and pointed out ½ cup of my low fat, sugar free Breyer’s ice cream (the best damn stuff on earth- only two points a serving!) I have just been scooping that crap into a big, shallow soup bowl with a wide brim. The better to stack ice cream in- I could probably load that thing up to the rafters. Anyway, what I was estimating as one serving was probably more like uh, four or five. Possibly more than that. (Yes, I am ashamed.) Behold, the delusional power of wishful thinking!

One little serving looked so sad and lonesome in that humongous bowl. So I broke down and got out one of my cute little teacups and put my ice cream in there. It was about ¾ full, so it didn’t look remotely as puny. And now I have yet another tool for portion control. That ice cream is going into a teacup from now on. I’ll just use the big-ass soup bowls for uh- soup. Or something.

Back on Core today. I have decided to make another vow- I can keep doing Core, as long as I am losing weight. If I have a week where I gain, it’s back to Points I go. Not as a punishment, more as a reality check. Wow, that sounds so responsible!

I also joined Put Down The Donut last night, for info and support. They seem like a fun bunch- I can relate to them alll too well!

Day Thirty-Nine Summary:

Breakfast: Oatmeal, Banana
Snack: Cottage cheese, SF Lime Jello
Lunch: TBD (some kind of salad)
Snack: Ruby Red grapefruit
Dinner: TBD

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