Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Day Seventeen- 2/2/05

Throwing My Weight Around

Sneezing. Sniffling. Of course, the weather turns beautiful, and I get sick as the proverbial dog.

So I am sitting here, at my desk. I refuse to give up on healthy eating and exercise. I don’t have a post for yesterday- but I did do the Carmen Electra Cardio Striptease Workout. I can honestly say that it made me feel dumber than dirt, but in a positive way. If that makes sense. There was one memorable move that caused me to fall over- not once, but twice. But I stuck with it- even though the part where Carmen advises you to “commit to your finger” was a little too bizarre for me. Also- there’s a lot of gratuitous butt-slapping. But hey, it’s Cardio Striptease- what the hell did I expect?

DH was informed on pain of death not to enter the living room while this was taking place. He’s definitely not seeing any of these moves any time in the near future. Because, somehow, falling over on my butt makes me feel the exact opposite of sexy.

Anyway. Ate fairly decent food yesterday, and am keeping up with that so far today. I also woke up early this morning, did a BellyDance Quickies (Abs) workout, and walked the dogs. I feel like I am ahead of the game. Aside from the fact that I forgot the pedometer (yet again).

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