Tuesday, February 28, 2006

A phone call from the Great Unknown...

Who knew the voice of the Great Unknown would be so, um.....chirpy?

During the veeeery beginning of my job search (we're talking months ago, actually literally last year, here) I found a listing that looked- well, too good to be true. One of those things where you say, "It sounds so fun- it's probably going to be some scam where I show up and they try to get me to go door to door selling generic perfume."

The description was intriguing though, and I sent an email request to get more info. I got an upbeat e-mail, and a few phone calls, and while the opportunity sounded like a hell of a lot of fun... I had convinced myself that this was not the full-time gig with benefits that I was looking for. As cool as it sounded. So I dismissed them politely.

This morning, The Man and I were in that "what happens now" discussion. The fact that I have to do something, because the size of our credit card bill has become alarming. The temp agency, who can't even BE BOTHERED TO CALL ME BACK about the results of that interview, or to send me out on any new ones, is obviously not working for me. I haven't found anything fantastic whilst browsing the unemployment ads, although I have circled a few, and thus, we get to the point-

I don't really want what I thought I wanted, which is the full-time job with benefits. I want to have the time to work on my writing, which I have been psyching myself out about (the topic of the cosmic kick in the ass I got from my friend last drunken Friday night.) And well, we don't really need me to be in a misery-laden but salaried office position to be comfortable, we just need a little bit extra to fill in the chinks here and there.

I think I actually said, "Damn it, I am sick of this. I just want to take some random part-time job working retail or at a pizza parlor (even though in retrospect, I know what that will do towards my already somewhat jaded view of humanity, not that working in an office would presumably help either.)

And then, the phone rang. I am not kidding.

The Great Unknown called both my cell and at home, and essentially said, "You know, we're looking for someone to fill one spot on Wednesdays- and we keep coming back to your info."

Who am I to disregard the voice of the universe?

I have an appointment with "Matt" this afternoon. Here's hoping he doesn't shake hands like a rabid grizzly bear.


Anonymous said...

Hey Jenna, that's great news! I actually popped on your site to ask you a quick question. I don't know if you remember me, cvgirl, from the sbd site, but I'm wondering if you can tell me about your knitting group on Wednesdays. I have a friend who is interested, but she's concerned the group might be too young for her and they might not want an "old lady" hanging around. Any info would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

jenna sais quoi said...

Hey CV! (Of course I remember you!)

What's going on with you? Send me an e-mail (jenna_sais_quoi at sbcglobal dot net)

Your friend should feel right at home with us. The knitting group seems to range from late twenties to the sixties- we do have one ten year old who shows up every now and then, but she brings her mom and grandma with her. :)