Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Hit me baby, one more time!


This is what happens when you and your beloved husband are shoveling dirt at the same time. Yes, I am OK. I just look stupid, and will have the Ginormous Forehead Bruise tomorrow.

(For the record, he feels really, really REALLY bad about this, and it was totally not intentional- but I am still planning to milk it for all it's worth.)

Seriously- every time he complains about anything, all I will have to say is, "Remember that time you hit me in the FACE? With a SHOVEL?!! Two hours before I had to go to a JOB INTERVIEW?!!!!!"

Yeah. I'm thinking I can use this for the next couple of decades.

Pass the cover up!

Oh- and the whole shoveling incident? Is our quest to turn THIS:

Into THIS:

You can see the whole photo set right about HERE.
We're still not even close to done. Although I suspect that I have gotten out of shoveling, at least for the time being.

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