Thursday, February 16, 2006

I thrill when I drill a bicuspid!

So. Dental news, but nothing on the job front yet.

First of all, my dentist is awesome. He's one of my Armenian peeps, he seens to find my macabre sense of humor endearing, and he is a patient individual.

Which is why, when I showed up in his office and told him that my teeth hurt, and he did x-rays and scraped around with the little scratchy thing, and I got so used to biting down on different objects that I accidentally bit him on the finger TWICE (poor man)and he STILL didn't find anything- he was at least nice about it, and didn't accuse me of being out of my mind.

The culprit was eventually determined to be one very sensitive upper tooth with thin enamel from grinding against the lower tooth directly beneath, whch had tons of enamel. Complicated by the fact that I seem to have a very slight crossbite. Thanks, ruthless orthodontist!

So- the drill came out. Anyone else agree that the sound of the dentist drill is the worst sound in the whole world? It's like the noise a 300 lb. mosquito would make. AAAAaaaaAAAAaaaaaaaa! Find a happy place, find a happy place!!!

So- the lower tooth was given a little trim, and almost immediately, everything else was fine. Easy peasy.

Then last night, wet to SN'B (haven't been in three weeks, mostly due to my unholy Project Runway addiction.) It was so good to see eveyone, plus some new faces (Rhiannon and Jessica, or any other Fresno knitters- if you're reading, you should come on out! Piazza Del Pane, every Wednesday at 7PM.) We had a blast, and I drank coffee mindlessly, which is probably why I was up til' 4AM.

Then we watched Project Runway and the Olympics. I cannot wait to see the PR finale next week, because I am a huge dork. At least I knitted the whole time- I am very nearly done with my Recycled Silk Bag, Mark II.

OH!! Just got a call from the temp agency- they have two ore interviews, so I should have the 411 on the job by this evening. Please, send good karma my way! (I'll even shake hands with that guy again.)


Rhiannon said...

Thanks for the invite. I always want to go, but am in class on Wed. nights this semester. Maybe over the summer. Iced coffee and free air conditioning!!!

Rhiannon said...

Good luck on the interview as well!!

Congrats on no root canal also (my husband is in the very long process of getting an implant because a root canal was not an option).

Anonymous said...

Keeping my fingers and toes crossed for you Jenna.

Last day for your favorite person in your old office!! Yeah!!!


jenna sais quoi said...

My favorite person?!

(I just figured out the sarcasm ;)

You mean the one thay demoted a YEAR ago?

Hopefully the replacement is a step up. I have my fingers crossed for you guys!