Thursday, February 23, 2006

No news is good news?

I don't think so.

Got a call from the agency yesterday, saying that they still have not heard back from the company that interviewed me. Twice. But that they had said that both interviews went really well! Reading between the lines, I am sure that they're not going to send me on any more interviews until they hear for sure, which kind of pisses me off. Since I've been sitting here waiting around for most of the month.

I have decided to start looking on my own. I actually sent a note to my former boss, asking that he give me a heads-up if there's an opening within my old department. I am not sure if he got it, however. And I don't want to send it twice!

So between that and combing the want ads- I am keeping pretty darn busy.


Anonymous said...

AAAaaaaa! That would be so cool if you came back. I miss all of our old group! I keep trying to talk VD into coming back. I know that won't happen but it sure would be nice. Our group needs him. I'm sure you will hear something soon.


jenna sais quoi said...
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jenna sais quoi said...

Well, put in a good word with BP for me!
I miss you guys! Although, it might seem a little fishy that I got tired of my hiatus at around the same time that they finally demoted my old boss.

I hear that my replacement habitually comes in an hour late...that won't exactly endear him to the new management!