Monday, November 28, 2005

stream of consciousness

Me: How's San Mateo?

Her: Well, the driving sucks. These people seem to have the mentality that NOBODY is getting into the same lane as their car.

Me: If you were in a convertible going 90 miles an hour with the top down, they'd get out of your way. Seriously- I've tried it.

Her: Maybe that's it. They take one look at my mini-SUV and think, "Screw you lady! I'm not letting you in- you don't even have a roof-rack!"

Me: You know, not having a roof-rack automatically makes you a Communist.

Her: That's right- I'm a pinko communist non-roof-rack-having affront to society.

Me: A shining example of everything that is wrong with America today. You are going to SUV Hell if you don't buy a roof-rack.

(We crack up)

Me: What were we talking about? I can't remember.

Her: Are you going to Breakfast Club on Thursday? You know, we leave for Paris at 4 AM.

Me: I am going. Wild horses couldn't stop me.

Her: I am going to pass...even though Judd Nelson was my naughty boyfriend.

Me: Was? He is still naughty, dammit- albeit in a much more Republican way.

Her: Republicans can still be naughty!

Me: Did I say he wasn't naughty?! NO!

Her: Why are we arguing?

Me: Beats the hell out of me.

The conincidence is staggering- Today is actually Judd Nelson's birthday. Happy birthday Judd! I had a huge crush on you when I was about 12- until my sister pointed out the habitual flaring of your gigantic nostrils.

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