Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Dude. Seriously. No, DUDE! SERIOUSLY!!

OK. If you want good Italian food, go to Bella Pasta.

One of the waiters there is my new SBF (Secret Boyfriend) and if you go there, he will ensure that you eat the unhealthiest things on the menu.


I went there, and I was leaning towards the gnocchi with the marinara sauce, (I swear) he made me get the alfredo sauce instead. With CREAM, people. I only ate half, and sacked the rest up for later...and he came back and clucked at me disapprovingly.

And then hubby and I decided to split a piece of tiramisu, and he brought out two anyway, saying, "It's pretty light..." and only charged us for one.

Oh, and he's tall and darkhaired with big blue eyes.

/end of fairytale

(But amazingly, all true!)

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