Tuesday, November 22, 2005

It's official!

I'm 21! (again)

I was dealing with a two-day migraine last night, and was sort of dreading feeling like crap again today, so I convinced the long-suffering Man to take me to Starbucks as a last resort.

The Man: Can't we just make coffee here?

Me: Can you make a Grande Nonfat Peppermint Latte?

The Man: Ok- hold on. I think I have something that will make you feel better.

I stay put, waiting for the sexual innuendo. Instead, The Man comes in with a ridiculously huge box from Bombay Co.

Me: EeeEEEeeeeeeeeEEEeeeeeeeeeee!

I love this thing. It's like the dollhouse I never had as a kid- but for all my jewelry. The Man gave me a home for all my sparklies- and they all moved in last night. Even the fake stuff(which means, about 99% of the jewelry I own) seems to be very comfy in there. Crap- I've got a ton of earrings!

We are now going to Claim Jumpers for lunch.

Yes, I feel very, very lucky- keep in mind that he's making up for missing my last birthday, and the one before, he was leaving for Q'atar in two days, so it was pretty subdued. I freely admit that I am milking this one for all it's worth!

Update #1-

I actually got a new item for the jewelry chest from my splendiferous pal, Desi- thanks lady!:

Update #2-

Shortly after returning from Claim Jumpers (soup & salad, mmMMMmmmmmmm) these showed up:

Yes, I am getting spoiled. The man is actually physically restraining me from doing laundry, which is surreal.

Stay tuned for periodic b-day updates (at least, until I get too drunk to type.)

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Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday dear Jenna, Haaaappppy Biiiirrrrthdaaaayyy to youuuuuu!

Hey love the box! I got one from Steve for our first christmas together. Very classy. Now you just need more sparklies to fill it up!!! Hope you have an awesome day and are feeling better.