Sunday, November 27, 2005

No more TURKEY!

Good lord, people. What is the deal with the turkey?

I know I am not alone here. I am all about the side dishes, I could give a rat's hiney about the stupid turkey.

I know. Blasphemy! But now I no longer have to suffer in silence.

OK, so Thanksgiving was great, although there was a minor incident involving the unbaked, and therefore liquid, pumpkin pie filling (Fuck you Whirlpool and your back-ordered oven parts!)and me screeching around a corner in my (previously unbesmirched by squash products) beloved car.

We all know what happened next, right? Because you know, this is me, and evidently, I didn't put the lid on tightly enough.

I actually drove to my parent's, where I broke the news and my brother hosed out the car. (Bless him.) The I actually drove back home and made MORE pumpkin pie filling, and the pie was pronounced "perfect" by those who consumed it.

I also managed to create a new family hit- this recipe for the sweet potatoes is THE BOMB. Granted, it has roasted garlic, parmesan, rosemary, and enough butter to kill a small goat, so I hardly see how it could go over badly.

And now that I have mentioned the killing of livestock, I am going to take a break. Buddy and I are going out to lunch- we shall discuss the upcoming France trip! Of course, it will rain and snow the whole time we are there, but it's French rain and French snow, which will make it OK, even though it will still make my American hair as frizzy as hell. More later.

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