Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Frito Toecheese-er-son (AKA Shouty McGee), Hacky McPhlegm, and The Giggler

Ok- so last night, The Man and I decide to go see Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire (Yes, again! I love it THAT much!) before we go out to dinner.

We were actually going to see Walk the Line, but the timing didn't work out well for us.

So we go into the theatre, which is pretty full for 6PM on a school night, and find a decent place with nobody sitting directly ahead of us, or behind us. I remember looking apprehensively at the families nearby with the three and five year olds, but they seemed to be handling everything well.

At some point during the previews, the three most annoying people in Fresno (if not the entire world) sat directly behind us. Because we are Those People, evidently.


OK. The guy is directly behind me, he sounds like he has serious bronchitis and/or pneumonia, and he is not covering his mouth in any way. Do not ask me how I know this. Yeah. EW.

The Giggler: Honey, are you OK?

Hacky: *COUGH*rattle*WHEEZE*hack*hack*

At this point, The Man looks over at me, and I give him a pained smile. Ok, it's a pact- we are freebasing the AirBorne as soon as we get home. The trailer for Happy Feet comes on.

Shouty McGee/Frito: Dude, Fuckin' PENGUINS, Man!

The Giggler: *giggle*giggle*whisper*whisper*

Hacky: Cough*COUGH*cough*snarfle*COUGH*

At this point, the glares from the surrounding audience, most with small children in their custody, were definitely detectable. This is also where I realize that there is some stank ass odor in our general vicinity. I look at The Man again, and he indicates the large pair of UNSHOD feet protruding though the seats next to his head.

So yeah, we moved up three rows. And really really enjoyed the rest of the movie. And then we came home and took really hot showers, and I washed my hair. Twice.

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Rhiannon said...

Sooooo Gross!!!! I feel your pain, as my hub and I often have VERY bad movie experiences due to the surrounding patrons. We used to arrive early to get the best seats but are considering switching plans, showing up late and scooping out what is the best of what's left. Good Luck next time!!