Monday, January 30, 2006

Still waiting....

C'mon Universe- I definitely deserve some good karma!

My interviewer did inform me that the boss will be out of the office until later on this week, so she wouldn't be able to make a decision until then. Even though I have privileged information, I still suck at waiting.

In the meantime, The Man and I decided to actually do useful stuff today: for example, we put away the 14 boxes of Christmas stuff.

We're also preparing to turn in our tax stuff, and he has some extra $ coming in this month. So we've been discussing the possibility of going to Vegas, just the two of us, for a couple of days- since things are calming down for him, and my unlimited play-time is soon coming to a close, we figured it might be our last hurrah for awhile. We haven't taken a serious vacation together since our honeymoon.

After discussions, We decided that we should just have a "home vacation". Meaning we just spend time together, relax, and maybe do some long-put-off projects around the house. I know- we're such home-bodies.

Plans are in the works for a big vacay next year- when the cars and credit cards will both be paid off, so we won't feel quite so guilty for splurging. And to be honest, the notion of going away somewhere right now just leaves me cold.

So tonight, we decided to begin the transformation of our bedroom into our very own B&B. I have so far gotten rid of about 60 lbs. of clothing. Mostly mine.

WHAT the hell was I thinking?! A lot of this stuff dated back at least 4 or 5 years, when I had lost a bunch of weight, and judging from many of my clothing choices, I evidently thought I was Gwen Stephani and Beyonce COMBINED.

From the look of things, I thought I would be going out to dance clubs every night for the rest of my life. Tons of slinky little tops and leather mini skirts and metallic or uh, wildly patterned (purple leopard print!!!! Was I on crack?!)dresses, all lovingly stored away for the day when I would fit back into them.

Looking at it, I realized how much my life has changed, and how very inappropriate it all is now. It seems like those clothes were worn by a completely different person.

Anyway, I tossed it all, so the girls on G street will hit the jackpot, if they head over to the Goodwill.

So now, there is room in my closet for the stuff that I actually wear, and it all fits me. The stuff that's a size or two smaller all fits in the under-bed storage. The toppling pile of notes and literature that once dwarfed my bedside table is now gone. I can actually see my bedroom floor. And The Man has promised to pare down his collection of black, brown, and white t-shirts to a mere ten of each color. So the the next 60 lbs. of stuff we give away is pretty much a given.

The upshot? For the first time in nearly 6 months, I can actually see my bedroom floor, AND the top of both dressers, my vanity, and the loveseat. Yes, I cheerfully admit it- we are both complete slobs.

Here's what we found:

The Man's blue dress shirt (behind my dresser)
10 bucks (I don't know whose pocket it fell out of, but it's mine now)
8000 black rubber bands (evidently a bag exploded)
Generic Vicodin
The other cat (actually, a ginormous dust bunny)
hair elastics (estimated number- one bajillion)
Misc. earrings
toe rings from Target, circa 2001
Fax re: my medical info, circa 2002
My paperwork from my last generous raise at The Company Which Shall Not Be Named- (Sixteen cents. Yeah. We discussed burning it in effigy, but decided that even retroactively, it just wasn't worth the effort.)
And extra Harry Potter Book (which was supposed to be a grad gift for someone- uh, last JUNE)
2 pairs of red satin gloves (one pair from each time I was Cruella De Vil for Halloween)
Renegade underwires
Jimmy Hoffa
The belt from my leopard bathrobe (Hey, at least it's not PURPLE!)
Broken hangers
My sanity (residual)

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