Friday, January 27, 2006

Evidently, it was a Good Hair Day.

Okay, peeps!

So, I went to the interview. Got all dolled up (aka, ditched the glasses and put on makeup, attempted to remove lint from various areas of my person, etc.)

I walk into the lobby, and there are a bunch of women working behind a big window. They all smile at me, and I give them my name and let them know who I am waiting for. The lady writes this down, and then gushes, "I just have to tell you, you have the most beautiful hair I've EVER SEEN."

Wow! I thanked her, and decided to take this as a good omen. Then I got called back into the inner sanctum.

I don't want to say too much, but I really liked my interviewer, and she evidently doesn't suffer from hair envy, because she seemed to like me too. We laughed a lot, which is always a good thing. You know, unless they are laughing AT you. (Fortunately, this was the "laughing with" variety.)

Then I went out to sushi with Secret Squirrel. When I walked out to the car, she blurted out, "You one of Charlie's Angels!!! Your hair looks amazing!"

My hubby just came home and said the same damn thing. This is getting freaky.

What's my secret? Evidently, it's cheap-ass shampoo. Well, that and not wearing my hair in the customary big wad on top of my head.

I just ran out of my usual John Frieda Brilliant Brunette (around 8 bucks a bottle, $5.99 on sale), and for the past week I have been using Flex Extra Body, which is from the 99 cent store, y'all. I normally only use it to get the henna out of my hair, because it counteracts the infamous henna "frozen peas" smell. I am thinking it's going to be MY shampoo from now on. And hopefully, I will hear about the interview sometime next week!

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