Friday, March 24, 2006


Yeah. I went to the weekly meeting today, and when I mentioned in passing that the Tuesday class that I had taken over was a little crazy, I got this:

"Oh yeah- we know all about them! They're a really rowdy bunch."

To which I smiled and forcibly prevented myself from yelling,

"Well, I sure as hell appreciate that you didn't bother to warn me about it in advance!"

They went on to say that since we'd had some problems with the instructor arriving on time (as it turns out, his car evidently broke down, although I am still wondering about the "mental institution" hypothesis), they didn't want to have to alert the parents about the fact that a large percentage of their children are actual demon spawn who need to be rounded up and tagged.

So I just smiled and said, "Well, I figured- I was in there for five minutes before some kid punched both of his friends in the nuts."

There is just something about seeing the incredulous look on my (male) boss's face when I say random things- it seriously cracks me up.

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