Thursday, March 02, 2006

"Do I know you?"

I get that a lot. Sometimes they actually do know me, sometimes they don't.

Living in this town as an adult- well, it's the biggest small town I know of. I routinely have people walk up to me, say they recognize me, and ask me what high school I went to.

Most of the time, that's where they recognize me from. Which makes sense, I guess- my hair, eyebrows, and eyeliner usage have been scaled down a little since then, but that's about it.

It really wouldn't be a problem, but high school wasn't really in one of my top ten life experiences, and uh- I seem to have magically blocked it out.

I mean it. Put that together with my total lack of ability to remember names,(sometimes even my own!)and you get some entertaining exchanges.

It happened again today. Most people that I associate with think it's hilarious, because they are familiar with the blank look that I have that means I have NO CLUE who this person is.

Person: Hey- you look so familiar! Did you go to Blankety Blank High?

Me: Yeeeeesssss.....

Person: Ohmigod, Hi! It's me, Brandee! I was in your gym class for three years in a row! Remember?

Me: Um- oh- yeah! Hi!

(Oh crap- I have NO CLUE who this is. And presumably, she has seen me in my underwear. Not to mention the burgundy and gold polyester gym shorts.)

Person: I remember you used to talk about ripping out the rest of our PE teacher's hair out with an Epilady. You were always so...different! Do you still drive your Acura? Married? Where do you work? Got any kids? I have three!!! The oldest one is eleven!!

AAAaaAAaaaAAaaaaa! This is totally why I skipped the reunion.

The only good thing? When she left, I mentioned to a third party, "Oh, I guess I used to go to school with her."

Third Party: Whoa- I figured she was at least ten years older than you!

Ok, that made it kinda worthwhile.

Seriously. It happens almost as much as people accosting me who THINK they know me from somewhere....but they DON'T. There must be someone somewhere in this town who looks like me. Hopefully, she's not a homewrecker and doesn't have a prison record.


Rhiannon said...

People recognize me sometimes. From Kindergarten. I get very annoyed that I look so much like my 6 year old self that someone who knew me for one year all the way back then still remembers me.

It's no fun to be recognized when you don't want to. But worse for me is my husband gets recognized ALL the time and stops and chats with people for ever, I have to wait while he reminisces for 20 minutes about 30 times a week.

jenna sais quoi said...


It's living in Fresno! I don't think it's quite the same as growing up in say, Los Angeles. But I could be wrong.