Thursday, March 09, 2006

Snow cone!

I went skiing today.

Yes. The downhill variety- on snow.

I used to be an enthusiastic skiier, about 70 lbs. ago. The thought of having to buy new ski pants has kept me off the slopes for awhile.

But, Squirrel begged me to go (and loaned me some pants.) And- I still love it!

We went to Badger Pass for a half-day, and it was fantastic. At least two feet of powder. I fell once, when I was (unknowingly) tackling a black diamond run. Disclaimer- this was at Badger Pass, where a Black Diamond would be compared to an intermediate slope somewhere else. But even that fall was because I got myself going too fast, and leaned back a little too far. No problem.

But unbelievably, my old parallel stance is still pretty good, and I don't have any aches or pains yet- although I suspect I will be feeling it tomorrow.

In other news, snowboarders (at least the ones I encountered) are a little- "different". Oh, and I am a dork. But that goes without saying.

It was snowing, and I didn't bring a hat- I did have a headband to keep my ears from falling off, and my hair was up in a ponytail of frozen quills. I was attempting to fluff the ice out of it before I got back into Squirrel's car to drive home.

Random Snowboarder: "Hey, don't stress on the hair, looks great!"

Me: "It seems to have turned into a snowcone."

This guy, who admittedly might have been stoned, laughed his ass off. I continued brushing snow off myself, then realized he was still there when he asked,

"What flavor snowcone?"

Obviously, the munchies were setting in.

Me: "Oh...uh....CHERRY."

Snowboarder: "Mmmmmmm....well you know, cherry is everyone's favorite...OWWWW!"

Snowboarder's girlfriend: "Shut UP!!!!"

She dragged him off, with him still mumbling, "Whaaaaat? I didn't say...anything! Man....."

Meanwhile, Squirrel is just- dying. Wheezing. By the time we got to the car, she was making obscene snowcone references, while I protested that I SO TOTALLY didn't mean it that way.

Me: "I have seriously not gotten so desperate that I am randomly hitting on teenaged potheads."

Her: "He was at least thirty."

Me: "Even worse. He sounded like Keanu Reeves in Bill and Ted's. I have standards."

Me: "Anyway, I don't even know what he looks like."

Her: (Breathily, while licking her lips) "CHERRY..."

Me: "Did he have blondish hair? I seem to remember sandy hair and a red jacket."

Her: "Black hair. Green jacket."

Me: "Yes, I OBVIOUSLY want him. Why don't YOU go talk to him?"

Her: "CHERRY!!! Is EVERYONE'S favorite flavor!"

Then she starts singing "Cherry Pie."

Me: "You suck."

I am not sure what the point of this is, except I think it's pretty funny. And is further proof that I am a FREAK MAGNET.

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