Saturday, September 24, 2005


No more cooking- No MORE!

I did it, though. I will have to take a picture of the inside of my freezer, so you can see what my version of obsessive-compulsive disorder looks like. Seriously, I cooked for two days, and now I know why anorexics cook all the time- it KILLS your appetite. Hopefully I will eventually want to eat the 8 tons of stuff I cooked-

Anyway. Finally got up the guts to get back on the scale this morning, and I'm at 240.6. Which really isn't bad- I haven't been working out or watching myself much for the last two weeks. I need to weigh myself on a regular basis, so I am inspired and don't lose touch with reality.

I did get a workout (in a sense) today- I went outside to sweep down the spiderwebs, and all of a sudden, it was Domestic Goddess part two- I grabbed the garden shears and the loppers and started pruning everything back, I weeded, I poured some decorative bark into my flowerbeds, I swept down the old bird's nests from the top of our entryway, I swept the front walk, I re-twined the vines on y front porch around their trellis, hosed off the doormat, and made a futile attempt to kill the asparagus ferns that are entrenched in our landsaping. Whew!

My across-the-street-neighbor came out towards the end of this and basically laughed at me because I was doing all of this wearing a cute little red Old Navy t-shirt and a black peasant skirt, with black wedge heeled sandals. Whoops- I got carried away.

So- the weight is actually good. I was afraid I had gained back more. We go to pick up my treadmill tomorrow, and I am so busy aroud the house with prjects, I am getting a ton of exercise. After the two days of cooking, my legs literally ached all the way up to my waist- I was on my feet for 2 days! I think I am going to take it easy this eventing, watch some movies, and fold laundry. Yep, that sounds about right.

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