Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Still alive...

I can't believe it's been a week since I posted! I have a ton going on. It also took me a day or so to get all recovered from Inland Invasion, which was....amazing. AMAZING. My only regret is that we missed the last band to play, which was Cake. We uh, skipped Oasis on purpose- 'nuff said.

So, been working on a variety of projects. Helping get hubby kicking on his new car blog, Rebuilding Clarisse. I have just been helping hhim take more photos and upload them, and am showing him the ins and outs of Blogger.

I have also been taking a stained glass class- I'm taking some pics tonight, they should be uploading sometime tomorrow. I am already very impressed with my new creation, and it's only about a quarter of the way done. Woo!

Let's see, what else- trying to get caught up on housework and laundry, (I know, booooring!) so I decided to procrastinate and sew myself a nifty new apron. Once again, pictures are forthcoming. It's so cute- abstract white roses on a black background, with white & black polka-dot fabric for the ties and trim. I forgot how much closer sewing is to "instant gratification" than knitting. Being able to finish an object bigger than a washcloth in less than two hours just blows my mind.

Dieting isn't really a priority this week, although I have been moving around quite a bit and not really eating anything horrible. My wonderful neighbor brought over some fruit yesterday, so we have a ton of healthy snacks in the house. I haven't weighed in awhile though, so I better do that tomorrow.

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