Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Curse you, Demon Shorts!!!

OK, here goes-

I am up at least two pounds, as of my last weigh-in on Friday. AIIIIGH! I am trying not to panic, as I am relatively sure that I am just retaining water from the renewed exercising.

Still, BLEAH! I haven't been blameless as far as my eating habits are concerned either, so I do have reasons for the concern. But I mean, it's not like I stuck my face in a tiramisu- just a little bit here and there. And yes, I know that still counts!

I was going to weigh again this morning, but I drank a ridiculous amount of water before I thought about it- so that didn't happen.

I am not getting too perturbed though. My size 20 jeans are still baggy in the rear and legs- they were tight on me when I bought them, and that was before I washed them! And a new discovery today...

I bought three pairs of shorts at Old Navy- at the beginning of the summer. Unfortunately, I didn't try them on first- for some reason, I decided to tempt fate, rip the tags off, and then try them. Uh- Whoops. Do I even have to say that it was a mistake?

Damn this low-rise thing! I am long-waisted, and it makes it so hard to find decent pants and shorts that fit, even when I am into smaller sizes. I can actually wear skirts a size smaller than pants pecause of this.

Anyway, I could "technically" put the shorts on- I got both legs into them and zipped them- however, I literally bulged out of them. The waist hit me about mid-hip, and I don't even want to talk about the inseam. 'Nuff said.

So today, out of a morbid sense of curiosity, I took the Demon Shorts out of the drawer where they'd been gathering dust for three months. And- miracle of all miracles, they actually fit.

They're still not perfect- they are simply the wrong shape for me- but they no longer give me the ridiculous roll over the waistband. And my legs are noticably more toned,although how that is possible after only two sessions at the gym, I cannot say. But it makes me slightly more willing to wear the aforementioned Demon Shorts in public.

Ok, so I am going to buckle down this week. I was good today, and that's the plan for the next couple of weeks. I have got to get the ball rolling. (Think Paris in December....Paris in December...)

Tomorrow, I go back to the gym. I was going to go today, but they closed early due to Labor Day. To be honest, I was sort of relieved- my lower back keeps twingeing and muttering at me. But I feel great this evening, so tomorrow would be perfect for a re-match between me and my nemesis, the Precor. Woot!

Oh. And I am getting a new passport photo and applying for a birth certificate. GAH!

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