Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Split personality

I have been so, so, very bad re: food today. I don't even care to discuss it.

OK, you talked me into it.

At least there are leftovers, although I don't think I am going to be able to eat most of them without a guilty conscience. I guess I can blame PMS, or I can blame the celebration-worthy day I had! We had appetizers...which were vaguely naughty- and then I got the baked potato with my fairly reasonable dinner, and then I got dessert. To share.

I admit it- we went to Claim Jumpers, and I ordered this concoction that combined eclairs, hot fudge, and vanilla ice cream into ONE dessert. I should have known by the horrified look the waitress gave me when I ordered it. If I had been sharing it with nine people, the portions still would have been generous. The waitress eventually had to bring us a vat/aluminum containment unit to pour it into, and it is now in my freezer, presumably writhing and lying in wait and scheming to throw itself down my alimentary canal while I am sleeping.

So- Reasons to celebrate- My new laptop finally arrived, Hooray!

And also:

We have a new member of the family. She is yet to be named- any suggestions? No, "Christine" isn't quite what we had in mind! UPDATE: We have tenatively decided upon "Clarice". It sounds sort of prissy, yet dangerous, so we think it's perfect for her...

This will give you a vague idea of what our behemoth looks like- except ours is white & turquoise, instead of white & red. The guy who transported it here from Nebraska had just fallen in love with it. He kept patting it affectionately while he unloaded it, like it was a big, faded, slightly rusty, turquoise and white dog that had followed him home.

It was crazy- while it was being unloaded, laboriously started up, and pushed into our garage, half the neighborhood came out to watch the spectacle. Seriously- you just have to stare at this thing. It's so eye-catching, even in its current dilapidated state, that it's ridiculous.

It needs a lot of work and TLC...but I suspect I am gonna love cruising around when it's finally restored. Look at those fins! I am in love. I am voting for this color scheme. I mean, dang! Wouldn't anyone?! My spoilsport husband wants to keep it original, but...after seeing that picture, I am not going to quite nagging about it anytime soon. (Turquoise and Black! Turquoise and Black!)

Anyway, the thing is a boat. You could fit about 4 bodies in the trunk. Not that I plan to, but uh, I'm just sayin'....we could baaaaarely squeak it into the garage. However, the thing needs extensive restoration, and I suspect voles are nesting in the upholstery, so this is going to be a long and exhaustive process. I will say this- there's a ton of chrome, and its in beautiful shape.

Can you tell that we're a tad retro-obsessed? Between this land yacht and our circa 1950's secondary refrigerator, I am willing to bet that we have more genuine American steel in our garage than anyone else in the neighborhood.

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