Sunday, April 15, 2007

Weekend Wrap-up #4


Next week is going to be nuts too. But let's get to it!

The scale was a little crazy with me this week. However, the extra pounds I put on over the Easter Weekend are gone, so I guess I broke even. Yeah! I have been pretty bad with eating (major alcohol binging last night), but I guess I have been more active to compensate.

I have gotten better re: exercise. I did three Turbo-Jam workouts this week, and I also did yard and housework as exercise. I am also going to count standing up for 4 hours and trying to keep from being crushed at a Social Distortion show on Friday night. Whoo!

Non-scale victories- my jeans are comfy again. The muffin-top effect is dwindling. I can now fasten my favorite brocade jacket down the front. The expensive black suede boots I bought a few months ago are still too tight in the calves for me to wear, but I can get them zipped up higher, and I anticipate that I will be wearing them next fall!

Weird circumstances: My husband has been acting ridiculous this week.

Evidently, it's weight loss related. Looking back, I remember when I reached a certain weight when we were dating...he got really insecure with the fact that I was suddenly getting a lot more attention from guys. Coupled with the fact that I was suddenly spending less time at home, and wearing prettier undergarments (because I can fit into them now!) ....well, he had a major-scale freak out.

We talked about what my goals were. He was honest that he thought I looked better and was happier at a lower weight, but also stressed that he loves me no matter what, which I know, but is always fantastic to hear. I explained that I really only wanted to get down to 180 at the lowest, and that he had nothing to worry about. I think what I actually said was "well...all the worrying is sweet...albeit in kind of a twisted way." And he laughed, so I know we're good.

OK, I am gunning for at least a 2lb loss this week. Hopefully, I will get it!

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