Thursday, April 12, 2007

Retail Therapy

I may not have mentioned this...

I am a ho for the CD's.

I still love them, and I keep them even when I have burned the songs to MP3.

Since I was once a DJ, and The Man had an odd obsession with female pop singers (although he thankfully seems to have abandoned Mariah Carey) we have TONS of CD's. And I always want more.

Which was why it was such a dangerous thing when I realized that Fresno now has a Rasputin Music. It's taken over the old Tower Records spot.

The Man and I went out for dinner (Thai Foooooooooood!) and we saw it on the way home and decided to take a peek.

Yeah. We were lucky that we didn't have a credit card with us. The Man had to drag me out, because I easily could have spent eight times as much, and spent a few days there digging through their used stock. They had new stuff from about 8-13 bucks, used CD's for 1.99 to 3.99 a pop. I am a ho to the CD's, and I LOVES a bargain, so I was hooked.

The Man got Pat Benatar, ZZ Top, Loverboy, and Warren Zevon CD's. Yeah, I know.

Here's what I got:

Life Less Lived: The Gothic Box

Aaaaah...this takes me back to Goth Night in the old college days.

Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood Soundtrack

Cool Cajun music and a nice mix of other stuff.

The Groovy Sixties Set (Vol. 2) (This was actually something both of us would enjoy.)

The Good songs. The Man initially didn't want me to get it, and now he loves it in a "you'll have to pry this from my cold, dead fingers" kind of way.

Weezer- Maladroit

I love Weezer. Who doesn't? Plus, having the earlier CD's gives you street cred. If I cared about street cred. I have to admit, this is one of the few bands that I would buy the entire discography, no questions asked. They're that good.

Ain't I'm A Dog! 25 Rockabilly Rave-ups

(Check out the badonkadonk on that girl! Holy Crap!)

I lurves me some rockabilly.

Violent Femmes- Why Do Birds Sing?

This one takes me right back to high school. American Music is my fave song on the CD, but the whole thing is pretty good.

And yes, I had VF lyrics etched into my binder. I am guessing this is the reason that the football player who sat next to me asked if I was satanic. (ooookay, dude. )

Yeah, I know I went a little nuts. The sick thing is, all those CD's were under a hundred bucks. (OK, barely. But still under.) Yeah for cheapo cool stuff!

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