Sunday, April 01, 2007

Stupid things I did today

1. Reached into my purse while driving to grab my "emergency string cheese stick." Located by feel, grabbed it. When I couldn't locate the "peely" end, I finally glanced over. And realized that I held: not a cheese stick, but a Tampax "Super" Tampon. Yummy!

2. Woke up early, collected my lab slip, drove all the way out to Clovis Community Hospital to get bloodwork done, because my doctor told me to. When I got there, they informed me that they don't take HMO insurance. April Fool!

3. On the way back home, stopped at the Vons with the "fuel discount" to get gas. Idly watching the number climb on the dollar-meter, I suddenly realized that gas has shot up to 3.19 a gallon. And that's for the cheap stuff. How am I unaware of this?!!!
(Oh right, they don't address climbing gas prices on "Pink Is The New Blog".)

4. This isn't really MY stupid thing, but: when I called 411, the recorded voice says,"Welcome to 411! Happy April Fools Day!"

Is that weird, or is it just me? During the whole call, I kept expecting them to patch me through to a hardcore phone sex line, just for kicks.

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