Sunday, April 01, 2007

Weekend Wrap-up #3


What a week. Lots of driving, lots of work. My energy has been noticeably up this week, and I have needed it! I have been pretty good re: eating, but exercise hasn't been happening, and I have been a flake about the pedometer. Which is too bad, because I know I have logged some serious miles this last week, going from school to school.

The Man checked my stitches today and says they look fully healed, so I am going gung ho for exercise again on Monday. I ordered new exercise DVD's, so I have absolutely NO EXCUSE- between the DVD's for Bellydance, Zumba, Fit to Strip, most of the Crunch Gum series- yeah, those are the ones I already have- I have ZERO excuses.

Now the good news! After last week's stall, I lost three lbs. this week. Yes! So I am nine pounds to the good so far. Hopefully I can make it a total of 10 for next week. 10 lbs lost the first month would be fantastic.

Drinking my water is getting easier (probably because it is really warming up outside). I also went to the 99cent store today, and bought sugar-free candy, tons of produce, brown rice, whole wheat crackers, sea salt, lentil soup (SBD friendly), scrunchies to hold up my hair when I name it. I am IN the zone. Or something. I also bought two straw cloches to protect my face and hair from the sun. Ever since my visit to the dermatologist, I have been applying sunscreen religiously- 55 spf on my face, and 30 everywhere else.

As far as non-scale victories, I maintained for this week, although there is one new development...No PMS this month! The girls weren't sore at all, which never happens. I also tend to break out on my face and back, and The Man noticed when he checked my stitches that it is all clear. I am thinking it might have something to do with all the water I have been drinking, and the fact that I am not eating crappy food anymore? Maybe. Bonus!

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