Saturday, August 20, 2005

The license has landed


I got my new driver's license today. Presumably, I can now buy cooking sherry unhindered by the moronic multitudes. Watch, they won't card me this time. I'll bet you money!

Anyway- the new ID is entertaining for several reasons:

1. My weight. I added 20 lbs. to the original lie that was on there, so the figure now matches my eventual goal weight. In other words: it's still off by 60 lbs. But, it WAS off by 91 before. So uh...yeah. God, that's just pathetic. At least now, I am being realistic. Sort of.

2. My facial expression is beyond hilarious. I look stunned, and not even in a polite way- like I am paralyzed with terror. Like, in a "Luke, I am your father" kind of disbelieving horror, crossed with the possibility that my erstwhile photographer has just smacked me across the face with a decaying mackerel. I look very wide-eyed and glazed over, like I've been laminated. I mean it. I didn't even know that I had that face in my arsenal.

Although, it is worth noting that a neck and some cheekbones do appear to be emerging out of nowhere. And I have somehow managed to avoid being hot pink or shiny, OR squinty, AND it's not an extreme close-up, which were all exciting features of the last license in my posession (may it rest in peace.)

3. Hooray!!! I am going to France with a buddy in December. Now that I have my ID, in addition to being able to purchase cooking sherry, I can finally submit the paperwork for my passport. I am so excited- I have never been off the North American continent before!

This gives me new resolve to stay strong: I want to lose at least a few lbs. by December. OK, more than a few: at least 20. Which means I better step up the exercise, pronto.

In other news, I went to Stitch N' Bitch on Wednesday, and three people mentioned that they could tell I had lost weight. Yes! I am encouraged so much by this- I just feel great. It is also worth noting that I am another .6 lbs. lighter than the last weigh-in- down to 240.4.

So- happy days!

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