Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Cruising Attitude

By the way, that is in no way a reference to Tom Cruise. He bugs.

So! No meltdowns, so far. Today is Day 3, and this is where I usually hit the wall with a resounding THWACK and want something, ANYTHING, with sugar in it. I guess the big test will be at SN'B tonight.

So- Life is good. I made white bean and sausage soup with some leafy greens in it last night, and if I may say so, it was to die for. Hubby seems to be happily eating what I fix, although it appears he has made himself a vat of Kraft Mac n' Cheese to tide him over the rough spots. I guess you could say that he is developing survival skills?

Other than that- quiet day. I found my pedometer- the cover is broken, but it still works. I do find that clipping it to the waistband of my jeans doesn't count all my steps. However, the waistband of the undies works in a pinch- or, I have also attached it to the center of my bra on moments of desperation. A little sweaty, but effective.

I have a ton of domestic-type-stuff to do today, and I want to upload some photo sets to flickr re: my crazy yarn stash. So I better turn off this infernal machine and go dig out the Lemon Pledge.

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