Sunday, August 14, 2005

Be careful what you wish for

I woke up yesterday, and just didn't feel like eating breakfast. My sister is visiting, so we agreed to go together to her fave little Armenian place in town.

I love Armenian food (I'm half) and I managed to pass on the pilaf and even gave my sister my cheese borag. Those are my favorite! But I didn't seem to have much of an appetite anyway. I was just picking at stuff.

We were talking and laughing and catching up, and all of a sudden, I just felt that interior lurch in my stomach that means, "I have to get out of here RIGHT NOW!"

Luckily, we were close to my house. And once I'd tossed my cookies (figuratively speaking, of course- No cookies on South Beach!) I was fine. But man, that's the worst- I had had two bites of lunch, and I seriously can't believe the sheer volume of- er- everything. To quote the Wedding Singer, I think a boot came out of me!

At least I know it wasn't food poisoning- I'd had the exact same meal as my sister, and the same meal as my best friend the night before! And they were both fine. Nausea is a side effect of one of the meds I'm taking- so that is the official explanation.

So, yesterday I had about a gallon of water, a can of Hansen's Diet ginger ale, and a few sugar-free creamsicles.

On the plus side, I am down another 3.6 from my weigh-in a few days ago. Holy Cow!!
We'll see if it stabilizes. I know I am not dehydrated (see above about the gallon of water!)

So the official number is 241. The first goal is 180, which will be the first time I have seen that weight since- high school. HIGH SCHOOL! Dear God. The lowest I think I want to go would be 170-175. But, I'll cross that bridge when I come to it.

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