Monday, August 22, 2005

*bowmp chicka chicka bowmp*

Sorry- I am a little goofy.

Weighed in this morning- down another 1.8. Which is probably actually 1.9, as the scale kept wavering, but I'll take it. So I am officially down to 239.2...I have 58.2 lbs. to go until I get to my "goal weight". Yeehaa! I weighed 180 lbs. when I went off to college, which is why I think it's a realistic goal for me. I guess I will know when I get there if I want to lose more- but I am thinking I wouldn't want to be under 160. I would look skeletal.

Yep- weight loss slows on P2. But I know I can do this. My back is no longer grumbling too much, so I am planning to ease into exercise this week. It's amazing what incentive this Paris trip is giving me. It's also amazing that I am officially (ok, barely) into the 230's. I stalled at 231 last time around, and the scale wouldn't move for love nor money. Ideally, this is where the exercise comes in.

Gawd, how boring. I swear, I don't like talking about weight loss this much. So, I am going to go eat my lunch.

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