Thursday, August 11, 2005

Another one bites the dust

Ok- one more pound gone! Down to 244.4 when I weighed this morning.

I finally caved and bought sugarfree fudgesicles last night. They seem to be taking the edges off my sweet cravings- at least for now. I have noticed that I am also slacking on the water, and that's not good.

Still- 3 1/2 more days until fruit!

I need to replenish my fridge and make some meals to tide me over. I think that's what I'll do this evening.

Off topic- I had to go to the DMV today. I made an appointment- and the woman I dealt with was actually nice. She actually teased me, because evidently, the shock showed on my face! I am so used to the disgruntled/hardly speaks English/angry DMV person. What fresh hell is this? *grin*

So I took a new picture for the license to replace the stolen one. Here's hoping I will not be hot pink this time around! I also adjusted my weight to my goal weight (which is still 20 lbs. heavier than what was on my last license, it pains me to admit.)

So- off to Social Security tomorrow for my new card, and City Hall or thereabouts for a duplicate birth certificate, just in case this ever happens again...*knock wood*

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