Monday, August 08, 2005

Ah, the siren song of strawberries...

Seriously. I would like, KILL for a nectarine. Well, maybe not kill. But a show of violence wouldn't be completely out of the question. 7 days until Phase 2 and FRUIT!

I was weighing myself every day, until I realized that it made me somewhat suicidal, watching my weight yo-yo all over the damn place. Mostly in the upward direction.

This morning, though, I finally caved. Result! I am down to 245.4 lbs. Down from 249 when I started SBD, so that's 3.6 down for this week. Looking back at the high at my doctor's appt in June, I have lost 5.6 total. Considering what I have been dealing with, I am satisfied with that amount.

So it's going slow, but steady. Traditionally (that is, the one other time I did Phase 1 on South Beach) The first week went slow, and most of the loss was the second week. Here's hopin'! I am just glad the scale is finally going in the right direction.

So- one more week, and Operation Kick Your Own Ass goes into effect. This means I am going to be hauling my butt to the gym, and also training on the treadmill (which should be arriving at my house in the next day or so- Thanks Mom!).

I went a little berserk last night- When hubby got home at midnight, I was roasting veggies in the oven, steaming cauliflower, and cooking edamame- all at the same time. And I had hauled out the mandoline, so I also cut up a bunch of veggies for stew and snacking this week. He came in, inhaling, and said, "Something smells really good". I assume he wasn't talking about the cauliflower!

I told him that sorry! it was all veggies- SBD stuff- and if he was hungry, he should probably get fast food. "No," he said, "If you can't have fast food, I don't want it either. It's not good for us anyway, and I like the stuff you make better. I see how hard you are trying, and I could stand to lose a few pounds. Plus- I know I was always bringing crap home the last time you tried to do this, and I sort of felt like that was part of the reason you gave up. So- I'll have whatever you're eating- I am sure it will be great."

Well, color ME dumbfounded! This is not an adventurous guy, foodwise.

I was seriously stunned. I finally managed: "You rock! Now, go take a shower." And I sent him packing with a kiss.

By the time he got out, I'd packed up the veggies and started some omelettes with cheese and spinach and canadian bacon in them. I just used the garlic Laughing cow (YUM!) for mine, mozzarella for him. He had regular O.J., I had Crystal Lite. And you know, he ate every bite, even though he's expressed trepidation about the spinach in the past.

So- I feel good!

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