Monday, February 12, 2007


The creeping crud? It is back.

Crap. I got cocky and eased up on my hand sanitizer and vitamin C cocktails. Since I work with children, bless their little germ laden hearts, this was like the kiss of death.

So I am freebasing Airborne, in order to (please, please, please!) nip this in the bud.

In other news, I managed to pry The Man's video-game addicted butt out of his chair yesterday, and we cleaned out the garage.

Yes, I am still amazed. I am celebrating by doing the 15 loads of laundry that have backed up since the garage got crammed with all the camping equipment that my Dad "loaned" us. And by loaned, I mean "sent home with The Man so he no longer had to store it himself."

Gah! Crankiness!

In more upbeat news, The Running? Starting again. This time, inside on my treadmill without dogs. No excuses.


SaraDru said...

Boo on colds! Yay for running! Me too! Although I can only make it about a fourth of a mile before my lungs catch fire. I'm trying!

jenna sais quoi said...

Dude. I second the motion.

Yay right back atcha for the running (with the lungs on fire!)

Of course, now I have that thing where you laugh and it turns into a cough. Which sucks, because...well, I tend to laugh a lot.