Wednesday, February 14, 2007

The best Valentine's Day EVER

YES!!! It's a Valentine's Day MIRACLE!!!!

Since I weighed myself yesterday, and the last time I weighed 111.2 lbs was in the seventh grade....

Well, the reality is, it would take me some dramatic bingeing and purging and possibly also amputation of limbs to get me down to this weight.

This didn't stop me from announcing to my sleepy husband, "Dude. That must have been some seriously good lovin' last night."

Possible explanations as to how I lost over 100 lbs.:

1. Too busy coughing to eat peanut butter cookies.

2. Really efficient tapeworm

3. Alien abduction

4. I've got the rockin' pneumonia and the boogie-woogie flu

5. See above, re: Valentine's Day Miracle!!!

6. Chills and fever = the new Pilates.

7. Atmospheric phenomena

8. Pixie dust

9. Woke up in an alternate universe

10. Need to change the batteries in the goddamn scale.

1 comment:

SaraDru said...

Hahahaha....I don't care if it's low batteries, that would seriously make my day! I can't remember EVER weighing that little.