Friday, February 23, 2007

It is clean!

My car!

It's seriously unbelievable.

This is an old pic...because I still have to get the car washed. I have been using the car for work for awhile now, and it has transformed my sassy 'vertible into...well, a dump truck. A filthy, dirty dump truck.

There are always big plastic bins stacked to the rafters in there, along with plastic kids toys and odd scientific paraphenalia. The last straw is that, for many of the classes that I do, sand is a requirement.

So of course, a few bags have broken open on me, but it's usually just a minor annoyance.

Then last week, I was turning left behind another car, and I guess they wanted to make an immediate right turn into a shopping center, and a pedestrian stepped out right in front of them. They slammed on the brakes. I slammed on the brakes. And the 5 lb. container of sand in my passenger seat exploded and dumped all over the passenger side of my car.

Seriously. It filled the entire area at least two inches deep, even back underneath the seat. Crap.

I have been avoiding cleaning it, due to the fact that my car is always full of the plastic crap. However, my car needs desperately to be smogged, so today was the day.

All I can say is, thank heaven for my Dyson vaccuum cleaner. If you're on the fence re: getting one of these babies- look no further. It's worth the price.

That thing is amazing. All the sand got sucked up in short order, and I could even use the attachment to get under the seat, and to excavate the creases in the leather seats, too. The resulting desert got dumped back onto our patio via the amazing cannister system. It took three trips to get all of it, but it worked like a charm.

So we are taking a teensy road trip this weekend. Let's hear it for Carmel!! I am looking forward to sunshine. I don't know if I'll get it though.

We are taking Mom up with us on Saturday morning. The Man will be driving. It should be...uh, interesting. But we will be helping them get the kitchen done: mainly, tiling. And yes, I plan to make sure that The Man will employ his newfound knowledge in our home too...the tile in this kitchen has got to go.

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