Thursday, December 29, 2005

What the hell?

If you go into Cost Plus and get the checker who bears a striking resemblance to Pat...Seriously, RUN THE OTHER WAY.

Me: Hello!

Pat: *dour expression, wordlessly starts running my stuff through the register.*

Me: Ooooooooookay.

Pat:*holds up bracelet and sighs audibly* I need you to get me another one of these, this one has no price on it.

Me: Uh.....sure.

I come back with the bracelet. She's staring at the rest of my bagged purchases. She takes the bracelet from me and scans it, puts it into the bag.

Pat: Thirty three oh four.

I give her the money. She gives me a receipt.

Me: Thanks.

NO RESPONSE. She doesn't look at me or even hand me my bags.

Me: (again)Thanks. *pause* YOU'RE WELCOME, Goodbye!

I finally grabbed my bags off the counter and left. What the hell? She didn't even ask for my zip code, and you know, the peeps at Cost Plus live for that.


Anonymous said...

People are so rude. You should call and complain to the manager. Maybe she is temporary, but that should not give her an excuse to be rude to customers.


Dan said...

I would have slapped it and gone...

"listen here bitch! First off, It's not my fault that one of your items is not tagged... nor is it MY responsibility to run around the store looking for one that is tagged. You have a staff of box boys and other store keep that is nothing more the a page away. Secondly, how friggen hard is it to say "hello" I won't even try for a smile due to the fact that your ugly ass mug might crack... and instead of me leaving with a cute smile and I "thanks" I'm gonna give you a little advice... Remember, I'm the BITCH that helps pay your pay check!"


Anonymous said...

Ooooo Dan you're so good at that. I think we should take you with us whenever we go shopping.


jenna sais quoi said...

I second the motion. I can see it now..."Bitch, PLEASE. Put the tank top DOWN!!!!!"