Thursday, December 15, 2005

Conversations with my TV

Victoria's Secret Commercial: "Give me everything I want...and nothing I need..."

Me: Because we all know that underwear is optional....but being a stupid whore is forever.

The Man: Bhahaha! You better blog that.

Coincidentally, this is post #100! (And I still haven't blogged Paris- Day 3- I know, I am sitting around, slacking and mocking underwear commercials. Muuahahahaaaa!)


Dan said...

CONGRATS on 100th post!
I'm surprised you are only at 100... you seem to blog a lot LOL

...I wanna be a stupid whore that brings home 7 figure paychecks.

jenna sais quoi said...


Yes, the 7 figure paycheck is tempting. But the lobotomy is not.

Have they been airing those horrible "Anything, ANYTHING Warner Company" commercials? Those are actually worse, in my opinion.

Laura A said...

Haven't laughed that loud in a long time. Nate came from the far regions of the house to see what was so funny.

Couldn't agree more!! Even though I don't watch TV, so I haven't seen them, but their catalogues drive me nuts.