Sunday, December 18, 2005

Overheard at Mom & Dad's

Yes, I was a good little girl today, and helped my parents to take the gi-normous fake Christmas tree out of the attic- and helped decorate it. I so deserve a medal. (OK, they took The Man and I to a movie- and bought us dinner. Medal not necessary.)

Mom: Did you get my Christmas list yet?

Me: Um- No.

Mom: Well, Dad said he would send it. He put it into his blueberry.

Me: What?!

Mom: Wait, that's the wrong color....

Me: His Blackberry?!

Mom: Yeah, that's it.

Dad: Um, actually, it's a Treo.

Later on....

Dad: Well, I want to see King Kong.

Mom: *makes face* What about Walk The Line?

Dad: What about you Jen?

Me: Um- I could go either way. I 'm the swing vote, so I'm holding out for a bribe.

Dad: Such as...?

Me: A pony and some real estate.


Dan said...

I want a pony!! not really... but it's really fun to say.
What movie did you end up seeing? Was it everything you expected at more?

jenna sais quoi said...

It is fun to say, isn't it?

We ended going to see Walk The Line. Definitely not christmas-y, (and I didn't get the real estate) but Joaquin Phoenix was amazing, and Reese did a great job too.

Betty said...

HAHAHA Momma always says hold out for the real estate. lol

Thanks for visiting my blog... and I'm sure your flowery panties are adorable. :)