Wednesday, December 21, 2005

How to tell when you're in a really, really, really good mood.


"Maniac" came on the radio, and I just did the little dance.

That's right, THE little dance.

No, not the one with the shower. (thank God, 'cause it would have really messed up the carpet)

The other one. The off-the-shoulder-ripped-sweatshirt and leg-warmers one. (Jennifer Beals was wearing these, not me!)

What the hell?

Have aliens taken over my body!!!??

Actually, as a footnote, I think Jack 105.9 is channeling its inner stripper. After Maniac, they played Magic Man by Heart.

No, I didn't dance to it. Mainly because there is no stripper pole in my living room.


Dan said...

Maniac? Magic Man? Huh? must be BMT (before my time)

jenna sais quoi said...


You're kidding, right?

*turns on sarcasm detector*

Maybe you lived on a deserted island where they didn't have Flashdance on basic cable?

I know for a fact that you were alive during the 80's, dammit.

And if you weren't, someone I know is in BIG TROUBLE! ;)

Anonymous said...

Maybe the good mood has something to do with cookies and puppies. Oh and you don't have to work here anymore. Hey, you wanna switch places with me?! I wanna dance to Maniac!!


Dan said...

A rememeber, I was born at the beginning of the 80's, and was 10 at the end of the 80's.... SO the music I remember are the disney songs, Fraggles Rock theme, and... well.. thats about it.

Anonymous said...

Man I feel old.


jenna sais quoi said...

Awww....Dan's the same age as my baby brother.

Who is, incidentally, getting married next year.

Damn, I feel old too!